EFM vs Leased Lines – Choosing the Right Option for Your Business


Discover the key differences between EFM and leased lines and find out which would best suit your business needs

The internet has changed many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Increasingly, we shop and bank online, keep in touch with our families via social media and stream our entertainment. Of course, it’s changed the business world too, bringing improved communication, as-a-service software, and cheap cloud storage within reach of even small businesses. But none of this is possible without fast connections to the web.

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Broadband vs Leased Line – Which Is the Best Choice for Your Business?

Broadband Vs Leased Line - Which Is the Best Choice for Your Business busy office

Find out about the differences between leased lines and broadband and which would be the right choice for you

Once upon a time using the internet meant using dial-up. It was slow, it was unreliable and it tied up the phone line for long periods of time which upset your family when they couldn’t get through. Then in the mid-1990s came broadband. It was fast, it was on all the time and people could still get through on the phone. The 2010s saw the spread of fibre broadband. It was very fast and meant that you could download large files and stream high-definition media, and still make phone calls.
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What is Leased Line Connectivity?

what is leased line connectivity office

Learn about leased line connectivity and the benefits your business could get by switching to a dedicated connection

There can’t be many businesses today that don’t use the internet to some extent. Almost everyone uses email or some form of eCommerce or online banking. But the demands we place on the web are increasing. Many companies now rely on the cloud for storage or to run systems; they use IP-based communication systems, and they host their own websites or intranets. All of this places greater emphasis than ever before on having a fast, reliable connection to the internet.

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Leased Lines Explained

Find out about the different types of leased lines and which would be the best solution for your business

If you run a business you almost certainly use computers and the internet. We’ve moved on considerably in the last 20 years or so, with superfast broadband connection now available across most of the UK. But while this is great for home users, businesses can often find the nature of broadband rather restrictive. There is, however, an alternative in the form of leased lines. But just what is a leased line internet connection, how does it differ from broadband, and what can it do for your business?

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What Purpose Does a Leased Line Serve? 

What Purpose Does a Leased Line Serve  - cloud backup

Discover how a leased line could help your business run more smoothly and get the most out of the cloud

A leased line is a private data connection between two sites. These are mainly used by businesses, either to give them a dedicated link to an internet service provider or to link together systems on different sites. What purpose does a leased line serve? Although mainly used to transfer data around, they can also be used to link telephone systems, allowing businesses to have a centralised telephone system spanning several different sites.

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Which is Better – Leased Line or Broadband?


Discover the key differences between leased lines and broadband, and find out which would benefit your business

Since the demise of slow and unreliable dial-up services, it can be easy to fall into the trap of believing that broadband is the only game in town when it comes to connecting to the internet. But while that might be true for domestic use, when it comes to businesses there are alternatives such as leased lines which may offer a more attractive option. So when you’re looking at connection options for your business, which is better – leased line or broadband?

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What Is a Leased Line?


When considering leased line vs broadband there are many things to consider. Which one would suit your needs?

It’s an increasingly rare business in the modern world that doesn’t rely upon the internet to some extent. Indeed, as systems and data move to the cloud, a reliable, fast internet connection is often essential to day-to-day operation. Similarly, as businesses become more geographically diverse they need their branch offices and staff to be able to access central office data as they need it and without any performance penalty.

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Leased line UK – How Installing a Leased Line Can Help Your Business


In the business world, if you lose connectivity you’ll be losing custom. Find out how a leased line can help

Even if you don’t do business by trading directly on the internet, you almost certainly rely on the web for part of your operation. Whether it’s communicating with customers and suppliers by email, using video conferencing for long-distance meetings, or using cloud services to run your critical business systems or store your data, the Internet has become a universal and essential business tool.

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Leased Line and Broadband Difference – Choosing the Best for Your Business

Leased-line-and-broadband difference-business-people-working

Find out about the differences between leased line and broadband and how you can choose the right service

Businesses are already heavily committed to using the internet for their day-to-day communication, accessing the web and more. As we become increasingly reliant upon cloud services and data storage, they’re going to become even more critical. This means that it’s more important than ever to have a reliable connection to the web and one that meets the needs of the business.

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