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What is EFM?

Businesses of all sizes rely on communication to develop partnerships, make sales, and ultimately, to grow. A lot of this still takes place by telephone or in person, but increasingly, businesses across all verticals are taking advantage of the added communication avenues, as well as resources, available through the internet.

EFM offers a high-speed connection for less. Find out how it could benefit your business today.

What is surprising then, is that so many businesses either rely on off-the-shelf broadband packages, or operate in areas where broadband may be extremely poor, or even unavailable. There is an enterprise solution that delivers top-notch speeds combined with world-class service and availability almost anywhere – and that is EFM.

Acronyms can get confusing, so we’ve put together this article to explain a little more about Ethernet First Mile (EFM), both in terms of what it is, and which businesses it will most benefit.

What is EFM?

As you may have already gathered, EFM stands for Ethernet in the first mile, which describes how your business will connect to the provider’s network.

In most built-up areas where fibre or high-quality copper networks are available, businesses will connect either via broadband or through Generic Ethernet Access to a street cabinet. In many areas, the street cabinets are either low quality, or too remote for this to be possible, and that is where EFM comes in.

EFM involves the provider running a high-quality copper cable from the nearest high-quality node directly to your business, providing organisations operating in remote or underserved areas with enterprise-quality internet access.

EFM provides speeds up to 35Mbit per second symmetrically and uncontended – unlike broadband. This means that your connection is private, and the speed you pay for is what you receive. EFM, like all managed connections, is also backed by a service-level agreement, specifying your provider’s target uptime and fix time, so no matter where you are located, you can count on your internet connection.

Is it right for your business?

EFM has two major competitors for small and medium businesses: GEA and broadband. If your business is large or expanding extremely rapidly, a Fibre Ethernet connection will be more suitable, as EFM may not be able to provide the capacity you require, and Fibre Ethernet can be connected almost anywhere. Click here for more information about EFM.

Fibre Ethernet is outside of the reach of most smaller businesses, though, so EFM, GEA, or broadband are the options. If your usage is incredibly light, and broadband is available, it may be the best option for your business – it is inexpensive, and may just be good enough. It isn’t, however, particularly reliable – broadband providers take more of a ‘best endeavours’ approach, rather than the SLA-backed approach of GEA or EFM. For more information about fibre Ethernet, follow this link.

Fundamentally, GEA is a better service for those in a built-up area. It provides a very similar service to EFM, but the installation cost is much lower. For many businesses, though, broadband and GEA will simply not be available – and that is where EFM shines. Hear more about GEA by clicking here.

If your business operates in areas with limited network availability, EFM is an incredible way to bring reliable and high-quality internet connectivity to expand your options.

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Whichever solution you opt for, you can enjoy dedicated internet access with guaranteed speeds and service level agreements that offer rapid response times. Accompanied by a 24/7 minimum uptime guarantee, you can feel reassured that our solutions will keep your business’s internet connection up and running.

If you want to improve your enterprise internet, or you aren’t sure which service would be right for you, get in touch online today so our team can help find the best solution for you and your business.