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What is a Dedicated Internet Connection?

Find out how your business can benefit from a dedicated internet connection if it’s heavily reliant on the web.

When we think about accessing the internet, broadband will be the first thing that comes to mind for most of us. There’s nothing wrong with broadband, it’s provided fast, reliable access for millions of households and many businesses too for over a decade and with the advent of fibre, broadband is all that most people will need to enjoy the benefits of the internet.

That said, while it has a lot of advantages over earlier technologies, broadband isn’t perfect, particularly if you’re a business that is heavily reliant on the web. And the number of businesses with this requirement is steadily increasing for a variety of reasons. As systems and storage move to the cloud and we come to rely on as-a-service software, so the quality of the internet connection used is thrown into sharper focus and any shortcomings can have an impact on the business.

Similarly as the Internet of Things means that more devices are connected and sending data back and forth, so there’s extra competition for the available bandwidth and pressure on the connection to be reliable.

What is a Dedicated Internet Connection - OfficeFor these heavy users, there are two aspects of broadband that, while barely noticeable in a domestic situation, can have a negative impact. The first is that the connection is asynchronous. That means the bandwidth available for downloads is much more than that for uploads. This is fine when you’re streaming a movie or checking your email, but if you’re accessing cloud systems where data needs to flow evenly in both directions, then it can create a bottleneck and lead to less than smooth running of software.

The second issue is contention. To define contention, we need to understand how broadband gets delivered to your home or office. The connection from your home or office usually goes to a street cabinet via copper cable. This part is unique to you. However, from the cabinet, it continues to the exchange and thus the service provider via a shared, or contended, connection – usually fibre optic but it could be copper depending on your location.

The problem with this is that you are sharing bandwidth with your neighbours, so when they’re all online and watching Netflix you’ll get a smaller slice of the pie. This is why you will sometimes notice that your home broadband internet connection seems slower in the evenings.

Dedication is the answer

So, if you’re running a cloud-dependent business and need a fast internet connection in both directions at all times, what’s the answer? In the words of the late Roy Castle, “Dedication is what you need,” although in this case, it doesn’t require you to break any records. But what is a dedicated internet connection and how is it different from ordinary broadband?

You’ll remember that broadband works with a dedicated link to a street cabinet and then a contended one to the ISP? Well, essentially, a dedicated connection means you have uncontended access all the way from your premises to the ISP. The connection is all yours (you may permit yourself an evil chuckle at this point, you might like to stroke a white cat if you happen to have one to hand, but don’t worry if you haven’t).

But hold on, because it gets even better than that. No, it doesn’t come with a secret underground bunker, you’ll still need to build that yourself – but it’s also a fully synchronous link. This means that it offers the same bandwidth in both directions too. This ensures that your uploads and downloads will run equally fast and there will be no bottlenecks accessing your data from the cloud when you most need it.

The power of Ethernet

So how does all of this work? It uses an Ethernet connection to the internet. You’re no doubt familiar with Ethernet, it’s the protocol that runs the network in your bunker – sorry, office. A leased line connection to the internet basically extends this network all the way to the ISP.

What is a Dedicated Internet Connection - Leasedline CablesWhat is a dedicated internet connection in terms of the technology used to deliver it? Essentially, you get a direct connection to your premises. This may be delivered via a street cabinet, or via a dedicated fibre connection. It’s also possible to get a dedicated connection in areas where fibre isn’t available. This is thanks to a technology called Ethernet first mile which uses a combination of twisted pair copper cables and signal processing technology to deliver a fast, synchronous uncontended link even without access to fibre.

The advantage of all this for business is that you never need to worry about your connection slowing down at peak times, or having to wait for data to upload. There are benefits in security too as there’s less chance of your data being intercepted in transit.

Great, how do I get it?

Now that you understand what is a dedicated internet connection, you may be keen to get your hands on one. There are some other things you need to know first though.

Ethernet leased line connections are very much aimed at businesses and because of this they deliver a solid range of extra benefits beyond their technical advantages. The most significant of these is that the link will come with an SLA (service level agreement) that ensures a guaranteed level of connectivity, and means that any problems which occur will get fixed in a timely manner. You can be sure, therefore, that the link will be working when you need it and you won’t suffer from disruptive downtime.

Are there any cons with installing a dedicated leased line?

Of course, like most things in life installing a dedicated broadband line has some disadvantages as well as its many advantages. However here at Leased Line, we believe that the benefits of having a dedicated leased line certainly outweigh the potential cons.

First of all, these benefits come at a cost. You will pay more for a dedicated leased line than you will for ordinary broadband. However, the business benefits of greater available bandwidth and reliable connectivity are worth the extra cost as they can give your business a decisive edge over your competition.

Also, the installation process for equipping your business with a dedicated broadband line can take longer than installing regular business broadband, however the positive impact on your business that a dedicated leased line will provide is definitely worth the wait!

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