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How to Increase Bandwidth for Your Business

You’ll hear a lot of different terms when connections are being discussed. One of the common ones is bandwidth.

So, exactly what does bandwidth mean? How does it benefit your business? And what can you do to boost it?

What is bandwidth?

Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of data you can pass down a connection in a given time. Think of it a bit like water passing through a pipe. If you have a pipe with a large diameter, a high volume of water will be able to flow through it in a short time. A narrower pipe will mean that it takes longer for the same amount of water to pass through. Substitute the pipe for your internet connection and the water for data and you have bandwidth.

Bandwidth is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Some confusion arises here because most ISP’s quote this figure as the ‘speed’ of the connection which really it isn’t. Plus, for a variety of reasons, the actual performance that you will get from a given connection will vary from the quoted figure.

Real world bandwidth

The performance you can get from an internet connection in a real-world context is determined by a number of factors. Most people are familiar with broadband because it’s the type of connection we have at home. Broadband is an asynchronous service, in other words, there’s more bandwidth for incoming traffic than there is for outgoing, so if you are using services that require you to upload data to the cloud, you may find they seem slower.

How to Increase the Bandwidth for Your Business - Office contentionAnother major factor influencing performance is distance. Where broadband is delivered over copper cables, the further you are from the exchange, the less bandwidth you will have available because copper is subject to a degree of signal loss. Nowadays most people have fibre broadband, but in most cases, the fibre only goes as far as a street cabinet. The circuit then continues to your premises over copper. So, here again, distance comes into play. The further you are from the cabinet, the less bandwidth you’ll see.

A further issue would be contention. Have you ever noticed that your home broadband seems to slow down in the evening? That’s because your connection from the street cabinet to the exchange is shared with your neighbours. The available bandwidth is being split multiple ways, so when everyone is online streaming The Crown you will have less available for each household. Read more about how contention can affect your business.

Bandwidth is also affected to an extent by the types of applications you use. If you are using cloud-based systems such as real-time office applications, or VoIP communications packages, these demand much more bandwidth than simply surfing the internet or checking your email. As more businesses turn to the cloud, not just as a backup storage facility but as a primary source of computing power, so bandwidth is thrown into sharper contrast.

How to increase bandwidth for your business

Now we understand what bandwidth is and why we sometimes get less than the headline figures suggest, we need to look at how to increase bandwidth for your business.

As you will have realised from the above, broadband – while it has many advantages – does have its boundaries if you need a high level of reliable bandwidth. If you’re looking at how to increase bandwidth, therefore, you need to look at a different type of connection in the form of an Ethernet leased line.

How to Increase the Bandwidth for Your Business - Leased lineAs its name suggests, a leased line is for the exclusive use of your business. It’s delivered in the same way via fibre – either via a street cabinet or directly – but you’re not sharing the link so there’s no contention to worry about.

Leased lines are also synchronous, which means you get the same amount of bandwidth in both directions. This makes them a good choice for people who are heavily reliant on cloud services and applications. These will run more smoothly due to the fact that uploads are just as fast as downloads. This is also a major advantage if you are using technologies such as VoIP to make phone calls as you are going to get more reliable connections and better call quality.

Even if you are in an area where fibre is not available, you can still get the advantages of a leased line thanks to a technology called Ethernet First Mile which combines copper cables and signal processing technology to offer a synchronous connection and greater bandwidth.

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Commercial benefits of increasing bandwidth

There are other business benefits to leased lines too. Because it’s a business product, Ethernet is backed by a service level agreement that guarantees performance levels and fix times in the event of a problem.

As we’ve already seen, some cloud applications can use more bandwidth than others. Having a leased line allows you to apply your own traffic management rules so that the applications that are most important to your business get priority when it comes to bandwidth. To find out more about how a leased line can improve the performance of real-time applications, see what the experts at have to say.

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While a leased line is going to be a little more expensive, the advantages it offers can give you an edge over your competition, making it worth the extra costs involved. As businesses rely more and more on the internet and the cloud so a reliable connection is not just a bonus, it’s rapidly becoming essential. If you don’t want your business to lose out then a leased line is something you should seriously consider.

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How to Increase Bandwidth for Your Business
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