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How to Make a Conference Call

Find out how to make a conference call and the advantages this technology could offer your businesses.

Conference calling is an increasingly essential tool for modern businesses. At its simplest, it’s just a phone call that involves more than two people taking part. Most PABX systems have a conference call facility of some sort and there’s various technology that allows multiple people in a meeting room to participate in a call.

As businesses become more geographically diverse, many of them are considering how to make a conference call a regular part of their routine for keeping branch offices and teleworkers in touch. Add to this the expansion of IP-based phone services and there’s huge scope for conference calls, both audio and video, to become an essential business practice.

Conference call technology

Conference calls can be made in a number of different ways. It’s possible to make then via the conventional PSTN system, but increasingly a Skype conference call or one using a similar VoIP technology is a popular choice.

How to Make a Conference Call - VoIPThe advantage of VoIP is that if the call participants are within the same organisation – even if they are on different sites – then there’s no cost involved in making the call. If you need to include outsiders such as suppliers or customers, then a VoIP system can still deliver conference calling at a lower cost.

How to make a conference call depends on the type of system you’re using. If you have a number of people in the same room needing to participate on the same call, then there are console type phones available that will facilitate the process.

Participants in different locations can use a computer-based system such as Skype or Google Hangouts. Alternatively, there are a number of conference services such as Zoom that allow participation from a computer or dial-in with a PSTN phone.

Connection issues

Whatever type of system you’re using, if you’re relying on conference calling for your business, you need a high level of reliability. For individuals working from home or small branch offices, a normal fibre broadband connection may well be sufficient. For larger businesses, heavy reliance on calling or if you need to make video calls will mandate something more.

In most cases, businesses will opt for a leased line Ethernet connection either via fibre or Ethernet First Mile technology. This delivers major advantages when it comes to how to make a conference call because it offers a fast, fully synchronous line with no contention. Learn more about leased line options for businesses.

What this means in practice is that the line has the same speed in both directions and it isn’t going to slow down when the internet is busy. This means you can be sure of a smooth, reliable call experience. There’s nothing worse than a conference call that drops out or suffers break up of sound; it’s frustrating and if you’re talking to clients they won’t be impressed.

How to Make a Conference Call - EthernetA leased line connection ensures that the service is monitored by the supplier for quality, so you will get a guaranteed level of service enshrined in an SLA.

An additional benefit of having your own dedicated connection is that the line is secure, with less chance of anyone being able to eavesdrop on your calls.

It’s probable that you won’t want to have a leased line just to allow you to make VoIP conference calls; you’ll want to take advantage of the benefits it offers for general internet use too. You can, however, ensure that your use of the web and cloud services doesn’t interfere with the quality of your calls. This is done by allocating a portion of the available bandwidth specifically for a call – or conference call – use so that you can always be certain of consistent quality.

Conference calls are a great tool for businesses and are a particular asset for enterprises that are geographically dispersed or are looking to expand their presence into overseas markets. They can reduce the need for travel and its associated costs, and help to keep project teams in touch with progress. Whatever your reason for using conference calls, it’s vital that you select a system and network infrastructure that can deliver a reliable service.

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How to Make a Conference Call
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