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EFM (Ethernet First Mile) uses a combination of linked pairs of cables and some sophisticated signal processing technology to deliver superfast speeds of up to 35Mb over a conventional copper circuit. If you think EFM is right for your business or you’d just like to know more, our EFM category includes informative articles to help you make your decision.

What is EFM Broadband?
What is EFM

Businesses of all sizes rely on communication to develop partnerships, make sales, and ultimately, to grow. A lot of this still takes place by telephone or in person, but increasingly, businesses across all verticals are taking advantage of the added communication avenues, as well as resources, available through the internet. EFM offers a high-speed connection […]

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GEA vs EFM – Which is the Best Choice For You?
GEA vs EFM Header

Discover the key differences between GEA and EFM and find out which is right for your business When your small business is growing, you reach the point eventually when your broadband connection just isn’t good enough. Maybe you are looking to host applications, and need a symmetric connection. Perhaps you are using video conferencing more […]

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EFM vs Leased Lines – Choosing the Right Option for Your Business
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Discover the key differences between EFM and leased lines and find out which would best suit your business needs The internet has changed many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Increasingly, we shop and bank online, keep in touch with our families via social media and stream our entertainment. Of course, it’s changed the business world […]

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What happens during the leased line installation process?
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What is the difference between a hybrid WAN and an SD-WAN?
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What is EFM Broadband?
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