Internet bonding: double your internet speed with combined connections

As a business, having an internet connection that you can rely on for speed and consistency is vital, and if you live in an area where internet speeds aren’t ideal, you might be willing to try just about anything.

The biggest problem is pricing and in many cases availability, so to save you time searching for the best service, might have the answer for you; internet bonding.

What is a bonded internet connection?

In simple terms, bonded internet combines multiple internet lines to create one reliable connection. This can sometimes also be referred to as “channel bonding” or “line bonding.”

Line bonding gives businesses the ability to increase speed, regardless of their internet connection availability, ultimately taking their current connection to new levels of speed.

As a result, bandwidth is maximised, there are guaranteed up times and traffic between sites is prioritised and encrypted.

Internet bonding is a great option for businesses in remote locations with limited access to high-speed internet, and also for businesses looking to increase bandwidth at a potentially lower cost.

How does bonded internet work?

To get a single internet connection, the networks traffic is split across multiple broadband connections using a special link aggregation device.

As there are multiple connections if one line does fail the remaining traffic will be routed through the other lines, meaning there will be no apparent break in connectivity, only a reduction in speed.

EFM vs bonded internet

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) is one of the highest quality data connections available. It uses multiple copper pairs to deliver a fast and reliable connection.

As a dedicated service, performance does not suffer during peak times, meaning businesses can always carry out online work with top efficiency. If there is a fault with one line, then the connection will be maintained on the other lines.

Bonded broadband can use either 2, 3 or 4 copper lines. So, if your standard ADSL broadband is not meeting your performance expectations, a bonded internet solution can help to boost your connection.

Bonded internet is both more affordable and quicker to install than EFM, making it perfect for small businesses looking to expand fast but keep a secure network. However, compared to EFM, bonded broadband connection speeds are relatively slow.

Small businesses can benefit massively from a bonded broadband connection, as it provides a quick way to expand data service at a smaller cost.

For companies looking for a more high-end data connection that can reliably deliver consistent performance and support Hosted Cloud-based applications, EFM may be the answer.

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Internet bonding: double your internet speed with combined connections
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Internet bonding: double your internet speed with combined connections
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