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Is a 1Gbps leased line enough for your business?

Many businesses up and down the UK are choosing to adopt leased line technology for their internet connectivity, as it provides a dedicated, fast and reliable solution that can subsequently lead to an array of positive knock-on effects.

Specific benefits include enhanced business productivity and efficiency, but there a variety of different leased line variants that are available, so which option is best for your business?

In our latest blog post, the team take a look at one of the most popular business leased lines that are offered in the form of the 1Gbps leased line, and discuss whether it is the correct choice for your business.

Why choose a 1Gbps leased line?

1Gbps leased lines connect at 1000 megabits per second (125 megabytes per second), making them an ideal choice for businesses that need to quickly backup and move copious amounts of data on a regular basis.

A common reason as to why businesses opt for the 1Gbps leased is to connect their in-house databases to the internet. Specific examples of businesses who adopt this technique include banks and hosting companies, which have applications that the public can freely access and is hosted by themselves rather than external organisations.

The reason why these companies choose a 1Gbps leased line connection is because hosting requires a large amount of bandwidth, a requirement that the 1Gbps leased line can sufficiently fulfil.

Furthermore, additional reasons as to why the 1Gbps leased lines have become popular amongst businesses include the fact that they can be super-effective when duplicating, transferring and backing up data.

Also, a 1Gbps leased line enables you to upgrade your bandwidth quicker if needed. For example, if your business has a 100Mbps leased line which is about to reach capacity, you could have to wait a quarter of a year for your new leased line to be installed.

This is a process that is bound to have an adverse effect on productivity, which subsequently can reduce income. Whereas by getting 100Mbps of connectivity that is provisioned over a 1Gbps leased line instead, you are easily able to upgrade your bandwidth within a matter of days.

If your business is currently at risk of maxing out your 100Mbps leased line connection, then it is important to act now and make the step up to a 1Gbps leased line to guarantee that your business does not experience ramifications as a result.

Upgrade to a 1Gbps leased line today

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We are proud to help businesses within a wide range of sectors in finding the ultimate leased line solution, by comparing quotes from all the UK’s leading internet providers to identify a package that suits both their budget and requirements.

On top of this, our purchasing power and the wholesale agreements that we have in place with our leased line providers, we can offer you a better price on a 1Gbps leased line than you would get from buying directly.

So, allow us to find you the best 1Gbps leased line deal for your business by providing us with a few quick details and receiving a quote today.

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