Leased Line Installation Guide

What happens during the leased line installation process?

At we frequently help businesses of all shapes and sizes install leased line connections so they can enhance their connectivity’s speed, reliability and security.

Although the advantages of having a leased line connection installed are clear, one factor which we are regularly quizzed on by businesses is the installation process.

So, in our latest blog, the dedicated team provide you with a guide to what the leased line installation process consists of, how long this procedure will take and how our team can help you identify the ideal leased line solution for the best possible price.

How will my business’s leased line be installed?

Once you have accepted your leased line quote and supplied your provider with all the necessary information, the installation process can then take shape. If you are renting your property, seek approval from your landlord as soon as possible as the process will not be able to begin without the consent of the property owner.

First, it is pivotal that you identify where you want your leased line circuit to terminate, as changing your mind further down the line can result in time delays and additional costs. In most instances, businesses have a dedicated communications area where the circuit can be terminated.

Following this, a leased line technician will visit your premises to conduct a site survey. Essentially, this part of the installation involves identifying the most efficient way of connecting the leased line cable from the local exchange to your business. Additionally, the technician will also be able to gather an understanding of how difficult it will be to equip your premises with all the cable needed.

The site survey is a crucial part of the installation process that requires time and patience, as ultimately the plan of action for installing your dedicated connection will be finalised during this stage.

After the conclusion of the site survey, the practical segment of the leased line installation process can begin. The time it takes for the process to finish depends on a variety of different factors, such as what leased line solution you opt for and if your site currently has any pre-existing infrastructure in place. However, generally, an average timescale for the process to be completed is between 45-90 days.

Are there any additional costs included during the leased line installation process?

Your business will pay a specific amount for the setup of your leased line connection, but in some cases this figure will not cover all the work needed to complete the installation.

Any costs above the initial price are raised as an “Excess Construction Charge”, and this fee will be charged directly to you. When you accept your quote, it is impossible for your provider to inform you whether you will incur an Excess Construction Charge, as the site survey will have not been conducted at this stage.

However, if an Excess Construction Charge applies to your order, in most cases you will have a 30-day period to decide to either pay the additional charges or cancel the order, free of charge. Although, it is worth noting that different leased line providers may have contrasting policies regarding this matter.

Reduce leased line installation costs with the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was introduced by the UK government last year, and has helped an abundance of small to medium-sized business in saving thousands of pounds on the infrastructure costs of their Ethernet leased lines.

If your businesss has under 249 employees, has a turned over less than €50 million and has received under £200k of grants within the last three years, then you could be eligible to receive a grant of up to £2,500 towards your leased line installation costs.

To learn more about how this government intiaitive can help your business, head over to our dedicated Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme page today.

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What happens during the leased line installation process?
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What happens during the leased line installation process?
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