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What is SD-WAN and What Does it Stand for?

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a type of mechanism that is used to connect networks over different sites, such as data centres and offices, over a large geographical distance. SD-WAN has been designed to act as the next generation in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) which will allow better control of your data network. This type of WAN is perfect for smaller and medium businesses who have more than one location, such as retail, law firms, estate agents, manufacturers, financial services etc. and mobility requirements such as pop-up shops and construction sites.

As this service is provided by the cloud, the infrastructure is also dictated by the cloud meaning that the connection can be as flexible as you desire thanks to a centralised control.

How does SD-WAN work?

With SD-WAN, multi-site businesses can manage infrastructure from just one central dashboard, which is orchestrating to each location acting as a single network. For companies that are continually expanding, or already have multiple existing locations, having an SD-WAN means you don’t have to invest in different network providers for each building or office.

By using the cloud and overlay tunnels, SD-WAN can integrate with your current connection, whether you already have broadband, fibre or wireless installed. In fact, you can control your traffic and direct it via the better route for an optimised user experience. This will maximise your bandwidth investment and save you money in the long run.

SD WAN for Dummies

Things to consider when looking at SD-WAN

Naturally, there are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to an SD-WAN and some concerns you as a business might have. Larger networks are sure to benefit more from an upgrade to SD-WAN as there are more sites that need to be managed.

The way that businesses operate is constantly changing, therefore it is crucial that you continue to evolve your businesses to keep up with the competition. By utilising your networking infrastructure and implementing a centralised control, you can efficiently make changes and subsequently enhance your organisation's agility.
Choosing SD-WAN is a great choice for almost every company, but before you make the change, first consider the size of your network. Will your network need scope for growth, or would it be better if you focused on downscaling? There are no geographical boundaries when it comes to SD-WAN, so if you have an office in the UK as well as multiple sites overseas, then this system will help you manage your business better. With one dashboard, it is possible to add or remove sites with a simple click, as well as configure devices through ZTP.
With only one centralised dashboard, it has never been easier with SD-WAN to manage and access each device or site through your network. Versatile in its nature, the SD-WAN has been designed to integrate with any current WAN or network, inclusive of ADSL, FTTC, FTTP, G.fast, Ethernet and 4G to name a few.
Embedded within its fabric, security is essential when it comes to SD-WAN. The sophisticated system connects multiple links to provide the best level of business continuity. Any data that is transmitted within the network is reassured by use of encryption with a strong algorithm and segmentation across WAN, LAN and WiFi. Each system has firewall, content filtering, IDS/IPS that are all controlled via a cloud management portal. This central control means that you can minimise any configuration errors and remove the need to repeat changes at each site. In addition, use of the cloud allows access for monitoring, alerting and tracing any changes.

How can SD-WAN benefit my business?

There are many ways in which an SD-WAN can help your business thrive.

SD-WAN means that you no longer need to purchase from a single provider, which gives your business the chance to become carrier independent. The unrivalled flexibility that SD-WAN provides allows you to effectively search for the best deals that specifically suit your business’ needs.
As SD-WAN operates under one centralised dashboard, your levels of security are greatly enhanced as you have greater visibility on any security related mistakes or breaches. On top of this you are able to implement security tools more effectively more easily to track any changes that occur within your business. Furthermore, SD-WAN also supplies enhanced security including encryption for all devices connected, however it is important to note that not all SD-WAN variations provide the same security features.
SD-WAN has been designed to connect with existing networks so there should be a seamless transition from your existing structure to SD-WAN. From here you can manage all systems that you have across the world as part of your business.
Instead of spending time having to configure or manage multiple locations, you can turn a site on or off with the click of a button and focus your efforts into your company. Similarly, you can monitor each location and respond to any downtime quicker.
Thanks to SD-WAN, multiple lines can be interconnected at once. This means that you can get the most out of your bandwidth as you are able to control multiple lines more effectively, and you can select what specific traffic is sent on a particular line.
Being an IT expert is no longer necessary to manage your SD-WAN. You can combine your skills in business and technology to help control your networks from one dashboard.
No matter how many sites make up your business, however far apart across the world that are, an SD-WAN is a well-organised system that can bring together your company through one single solution.
When you choose SD-WAN, you are no longer confined by your connectivity. Now you can base locations anywhere and have them linked through the SD-WAN. Alternatively, downscaling can also be improved through ease of access regarding closing a site, even if its on the other side of the world.
SD-WAN offers a great scale of mobility, meaning that it can even be setup on for example large construction sites. In addition to this, SD-WAN also provides encryption created panels for mobile data usage and you can connect on any type of connection including mobile.

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SD-WAN is the right choice for your business

Are you inspired to find out more about SD-Wan? Any business, any time can benefit from this unique WAN solution, from saving time and money to allowing an open growth to your business. If you want to find out more, then get in touch with Leased Line who can help you switch your network to SD-Wan. Call us today on 0808 115 6576.

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SD-Wan Vendors

Mako is the only vendor that can supply a devices capable of deliver SD-WAN and address PCI DSS compliance.
Ensuring that your SD-WAN is as seamless as possible, VeloCloud offer a cost-effective method for your WAN system. The biggest one out there, part of WMware.
Aryka provides SD-WAN solutions for global enterprises for both on-site and cloud-based applications.
For cloud-only SD-WAN, Cisco has built a secure architecture that works for hybrid networks.
Focusing on security, Citrix’s SD-WAN solutions has been built to work with integrated technology systems.
Cloudgenix work with businesses to build a WAN system based on the compliance, security, and performance type they require.
Working in a competitive market, Huawei are constantly researching so they can create the best possible product for their customers, including their SD-WANs.
For a flexible, open platform, Juniper have developed their own SD-WAN system that works as a multi-cloud solution.
If your business has multiple connections, SilverPeak work to integrate SD-WAN into any technology with minimal disruption to application or network performance. One of the best solutions out there.

Compare SD-WAN vendors online.

Find the right SD-WAN solution with Leased Line

Leased Line helps businesses find better deals for their connectivity systems on a daily basis, saving companies millions in the long run. When you choose Leased Line, you will be privy to the best prices with a team of experts who are dedicated to reducing your network cost.

If you’re unsure on the best SD-WAN solution for you, why not try Leased Line? Their system works via a cloud-based OS and is fully functional with WAN and WiFi, together in one handy box. Not only can you access multiple lines and technologies, but features include DDOS protected WAN, Daisy WiFi, and PCI and DSS compliance. Leased Line offer some of the best security features in the market from network firewalls to segmentation with dynamic mVPN with their software defined WAN.

SD-WANs are a cost-effective way to manage multiple sites within your business, so to access the best deals on the market, get in touch with Leased Line on 0808 115 6576.

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What is SD-WAN and What Does it Stand for?
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