Why Your Business Needs Ethernet Speeds - Ethernet speeds

Why Your Business Needs Ethernet Speeds

Our reliance upon the internet is set to increase. Find out the advantage Ethernet speeds can give your business.

Of course, to take full advantage of all the internet has to offer, you need a fast and reliable connection. If we were still stuck in the days of dial-up services, many of the things we now take for granted online simply wouldn’t be possible. The reason online services have taken off as they have over the last 20 years is broadband. A connection that was on all the time and offered swift downloads was a revelation in the early noughties – even if it was only 512 Kbps – and since then the rollout of fibre has led to higher Ethernet speeds and greater reliability.

But for business users, broadband isn’t always a perfect solution. Due to increased reliance on the cloud and other online services, many businesses are turning to Ethernet speeds in order to get their work done. So, what exactly can Ethernet offer that broadband can’t and how can it benefit your business?

Broadband v Ethernet

If you have a broadband connection, there are a few things you may have noticed about the way it operates. If you’re using it at home during the evening you may have noticed that it slows down. This is due to something called contention, which means you’re sharing the link with your neighbours. In the UK contention ratios are typically between 20:1 and 50:1, the effect of this is that each individual property gets less bandwidth when demand is high and the connection seems to slow down.

The cloudy effect

Why Your Business Needs Ethernet Speeds - CloudThe other thing you might have noticed is that although downloading files from the internet is fast, things seem rather slow when you’re uploading your holiday snaps to cloud storage or to Facebook. This is because broadband is asynchronous, which means there’s more bandwidth available for incoming data than for outgoing. Uploads are typically only around a quarter as fast. Domestically this isn’t really a big deal, but for businesses that rely on the cloud, it can be a problem, leading to bottlenecks and meaning that online applications may run less than smoothly.

Switch to an Ethernet leased line and you have neither of these problems. The line is exclusive to your business so there’s no contention, all the bandwidth is for your use and there will be no slowdowns at busy times. Added advantages of this are that it’s more secure and that you’re free to prioritise your own traffic according to your needs.

Leased lines are synchronous too; this means that Ethernet speeds are the same in both directions so your data will flow more smoothly to and from the cloud. This ensures that SaaS applications and VoIP calling become a much more practical proposition. Learn more if you are still unsure about the difference between Ethernet and broadband.

The need for Ethernet speeds

We’ve looked at the advantage of leased lines in terms of consistency of speed, but what Ethernet speeds are actually available to your business? This depends on the technology used to deliver the connection.

Most leased lines arrive via the nearest street cabinet using a technology called EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet). This means the fibre link from the ISP data centre arrives at a cabinet and then continues to your business via existing links. Ethernet Speeds here can be around 20 Mbps – about the same as for broadband, but remember the advantages we talked about above.

If you want more bandwidth and speed then a fibre leased line can offer you up to 10 Gbps depending on your location. So, it’s a lot faster. It’s more expensive of course, but you can get help from the Government towards installation costs thanks to the Gigabit Voucher Scheme. Speak to the experts at gigabitvoucherscheme.com to find out more.

If you’re an SMB call us to find out how the Gigabit Voucher Scheme can benefit your business. – Call Now: 0115 697 8520

If you’re in an area where fibre isn’t available, you can get many of the leased line advantages using Ethernet First Mile (EFM). This can offer speeds of up to 35 Mbps over conventional copper connections – so there’s no need to go back to the cave paintings just yet.

Business benefits

We’ve seen that it’s possible to get a fast internet connection that overcomes the major drawbacks of broadband. But why does your business need this? The basic advantages in terms of lack of contention and synchronous speeds we’ve already discussed, but this is only part of the picture.

Why Your Business Needs Ethernet Speeds - EthernetSwitching to Ethernet means you have a connection that is exclusive to your use. This ensures that you have the freedom to add your own security measures like encryption. It also means there are no restrictions on how much data you are allowed to transfer each month, something that many broadband providers cap.

Additionally, because Ethernet is a service that is aimed specifically at businesses, it’s backed by service level agreements to ensure levels of performance and reliability. The SLA will generally guarantee your connection speeds and ensure that problems are fixed quickly. Ethernet links are usually monitored by the service provider too so that any issues can be spotted early. This adds peace of mind and you can generally expect uptime levels in excess of 99.9%. Learn more about what an SLA could mean for your business.

Does your business need an Ethernet connection?

Okay, so we’ve added reliability and flexibility to the list of benefits that Ethernet can deliver. If you are running online applications such as Office 365, are storing data in the cloud, or if you’re using VoIP telecoms, all of these things add up to the smoother running of your applications and of course the smoother running of your business. That means greater productivity and reduced downtime, if these things are important to your business then you should be considering the switch from broadband to Ethernet. Did you know Leased Line work closely with all renowned leased line suppliers to be able to offer the best deals. Check out the latest leased line deals from BT.

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Why Your Business Needs Ethernet Speeds
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