A complete guide on how to test the speed of your leased line

At, it is our sole aim to help you secure the best leased line package for your business. However, we feel it is essential to ensure that our service doesn’t end as soon as you get connected.

Our team wants your leased line package to serve you well for the foreseeable future, but if you have an inkling that your leased line speeds have slightly dipped, how can you confirm your suspicions?

This is a question that the expert team here at is regularly quizzed on, so in this blog post, we provide some top tips to help you complete an accurate leased line speed test.

How to effectively check leased line speeds

When reviewing the speed of your leased line, you have two different options. You can go for the simple, less time-consuming option that might not provide you with the most reliable results, or carry out a detailed check that will provide much more accurate feedback.

The faster option is easy – hook your laptop up to your router and run a trusted leased line speed test. There are a variety of different speed tests available on the internet, so we’d advise running a few different ones to see what kind of results you collect.

However, you must remember that the results you gain may not be completely accurate, especially if leased line speeds in your business exceed 10Mbps.

If you are looking for a more reliable leased line speed test, then you should contact your leased line provider and arrange for them to complete a speed check using their specialist monitoring technology. This process will take longer, as you will have to wait for your scheduled appointment and the test itself is more vigorous, but if your leased lines connect at speeds above 10Mbps, this is the option that you must consider.

When contacting your leased line provider, they will explain what the test consists of in further detail and describe what you need to complete the test to have the best possible chance of obtaining reliable results.

What if your leased line speed isn’t quick enough?

If you’re unhappy with the speed of your leased line connectivity, there are a variety of different scenarios that can explain why your connection is lacking in performance.

One possibility is that there may be multiple users of your connection who are in the office while you are running your test, which means less of the bandwidth will be available. At, we recommend that you complete your leased line speed check outside of business hours.

Additional reasons as to why your leased line speed may not be as fast as you would like include certain traffic being prioritised over the internet access you are using to complete the test, or maybe your laptop/computer’s network interface card may not be efficient enough to test the connection accurately.

On the other hand, you may realise that your current leased line package isn’t suited to your business requirements and it is time for an upgrade. That is where the team here at can help.

Our experts compare all the leading UK leased line providers to provide you with a solution that matches both the budget and requirements of your company.

If you would like to learn more about the variety of different leased line providers that we are partnered with and get a free quote on your ideal leased line package, check out our dedicated leased line providers now.

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A complete guide on how to test the speed of your leased line
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