Best Leased Line Package for Small Businesses?

Is installing a leased line a good idea for small businesses?

The team here at regularly help a variety of different businesses in securing the ultimate internet solution for the best possible price.

Our customers come from an array of different sectors, and we are happy to help small businesses as well as larger organisations.

Many of the smaller businesses that contact us want to know whether a dedicated leased line connection is the best solution for their company, so in this blog post our team provide a detailed guide on why a leased line can take your small business to the next level.

What is a leased line?

Before we get into how a leased line connection can benefit your small business, we thought it might be best to explain what a leased line is first.

A leased line is referred to as a dedicated connection as you will have a single line to yourself, and won’t have to share your connection with your neighbours as you would with a broadband solution.

Leased lines provide more reliability and speed for companies with high powered connectivity needs which is why they are usually more associated with larger businesses; however, this is not the case.

The truth is, leased lines can benefit companies of all shapes and sizes.

The advantages of leased lines for small businesses

Once your dedicated leased line connection has been successfully installed, there are multiple key benefits that your business will experience.

Firstly, if your business’s operations rely on a strong internet connection, the super-fast download speeds with symmetrical upload time are sure to enhance your overall productivity. These speeds will remain steady, and on top of this, you will also benefit from guaranteed low latency.

Of course, these factors are beneficial for all businesses. However, it could be argued that these advantages are more pivotal for the smaller sized business.

Small businesses are more dependent on the continuous work output of their employees, whereas larger companies may already have an established support network in place; therefore the performance of their internet connection is crucial.

In addition to this, having your own dedicated connection provides improved levels of security. This factor can be pivotal for small businesses in particular, as the implications of a cyber attack can potentially be more catastrophic for smaller organisations as opposed to larger companies.

Secure your leased line connection with!

It is often assumed that the budget of smaller businesses cannot accommodate for the costs that a leased line connection requires, but in fact, a leased line solution can also be an affordable and cost-effective option for small businesses as well as larger organisations.

There‘s a wide range of different leased line providers that offer a variety of different internet connectivity packages, so you are sure to find a solution that reflects both your budget and requirements.

Here at, we regularly help small UK businesses with finding their ideal leased line deal by comparing prices from all the leading internet providers.

If you want to compare the market and find the perfect solution for your small business, complete a leased line provider comparison now.

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