Find out which WAN protocols your business should consider

If your business uses a dedicated leased line to help connect everyone within your organisation, then it goes without saying that you will want to get the most out of what you are paying for.

One way that you can potentially improve the performance of your connection is by reviewing which WAN protocol your leased line connection is operating on and ensuring that this protocol reflects the requirements of your business.

Unnervingly, many business owners are unaware that there are different WAN protocols available, so in this article, the expert team take a closer look at some of the WAN protocols that your business should bear in mind.

The main protocols for WAN networks

If your business uses a leased line to help connect two locations, then the likelihood is that your leased line will be using one of two different protocols, HDLC or PPP. So, let’s get into each protocol to learn more about them.

HDLC protocol

HDLC stands for ‘High-Level Data Link Control’ and is a data-link layer protocol that is likely to be different depending on your leased line provider.

HDLC is a simple protocol that can effectively connect point-to-point devices in different locations. Compared to other protocols, HDLC would require the least configuration to achieve this connection.

PPP protocol

As PPP (Point to Point Protocol) is based on HDLC, it shares many similarities and is also a great option in connecting point to point leased lines. However, unlike HDLC, using a PPP protocol allows you to connect different routers from varying vendors, making it the preferred choice if affordable.

Other advantages of PPP include how it incorporates many sub-protocols to help improve functionality and has a wealth of different dial-up networking features.

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Both the HDLC and PPP WAN protocols should be available from your leased line provider. So, if you are interested in learning more about WAN protocols to help you get the most out of your connection, contact today.

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Find out which WAN protocols your business should consider
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