Why use Ethernet

Why Should Your Business Use Ethernet?

Find out about the benefits Ethernet connectivity and what it could offer your business

In the modern, digital age, businesses across all industry segments are relying more heavily on internet connectivity and communication. From client communication to accessing remote cloud storage solutions, or taking advantage of hosted applications and services, businesses draw countless benefits from consistent and reliable internet connectivity.

Despite this, many growing businesses still use off-the-shelf broadband solutions for their internet access, instead of opting for reliable, managed solutions which are tailored to their specific business needs.

This isn’t a matter of preference, but more one of knowledge – outside of the IT world, there are few people who could answer questions like ‘why use Ethernet?’ or ‘what is an Ethernet connection?’

This article aims to shed some light on both of these questions, detailing how Ethernet differs from off-the-shelf broadband packages, and how those differences can contribute to the growth and ultimate success of your business, giving a clear answer to the question: why use Ethernet?

How Ethernet Differs from Broadband

It is easy to get the idea that Ethernet and broadband internet connections are fundamentally the same – after all, both are corporate internet solutions. That is, however, where the similarities end. Ethernet connections offer speed, security, and reliability in ways broadband simply does not.

First, Ethernet speed can be far higher, for a few simple reasons. When you are using an off-the-shelf broadband connection, you are connecting to the internet over shared infrastructure – all of your traffic is competing with the rest of the traffic handled by the provider. Ethernet connections, on the other hand, are uncontended, meaning your traffic doesn’t need to compete – the speed you pay for is the speed you get.
Why use Ethernet Business See the different types of leased line offers ready for comparison.

Security benefits of Ethernet come from the uncontended nature of the line, which also provides speed benefits. On a broadband connection, traffic is public – anyone near you could easily ‘listen in’ to traffic you send and receive. Ethernet connections are private, meaning to accomplish the same thing, an individual would need direct physical access to your, or your provider’s, core network.

Lastly, Ethernet offers substantial reliability benefits over broadband. With few exceptions, Ethernet connections will be private, actively monitored infrastructure, meaning that in many cases, your provider will notice there is an issue on the connection before you do – the service standard is simply much higher with a managed connection than with an unmanaged broadband connection.

Business Benefits of Ethernet

You may have some answers to the question ‘why use Ethernet?’ from just the differences between it and broadband, but now we can build on that to demonstrate the direct business benefits that an Ethernet connection can bring you.

First, the Ethernet speed can open up newer and emerging technologies to your business. These include VoIP, which can offer substantial savings over traditional telephony, ease of use for many hosted services, especially hosted storage, and even the opportunity to host services or applications for your clients and customers.

The second benefit is reliability. Ethernet connections are backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), aiming to achieve over 99% uptime. When any downtime at all will cost you business, having promises of extremely rare downtime, backed up with fix time targets measured in hours, is invaluable.

Regardless of the size or location of your business, there is an Ethernet internet access package that can bring you substantial benefits.

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Why Should Your Business Use Ethernet?
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