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Cisco Systems Inc. Leased Lines

Our partner Cisco Systems Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the internet, with 85% of internet traffic currently travelling across Cisco’s systems. At we are proud to be partnered with Cisco, so we can help our customers grow, be profitable and stay ahead of the competition.

Cisco has a wide variety of customers including service providers, small to medium-sized businesses and many enterprises including corporations, government agencies, utility companies, and educational institutions.

With a wide portfolio of strong, secure products, work with Cisco to supply our customers with high quality managed routers.


Why choose Cisco?

  • Worldwide leader in internet networking
  • High quality, secure products
  • Over 30 years of experience

Why choose

  • The leading telecoms comparison site

    You are guaranteed to secure the perfect internet solution by using Leased Line, as we compare over 50 different providers to help you in finding the best deal for your company!

  • Helping over 80,000 customers

    The expert services that we provide at Leased Line are emphasised by our growing client base. We work with thousands of customers who trust us to provide them with the ultimate internet package.

  • Delivering your quote in under 1 hour

    The Leased Line team are devoted to finding you an internet that is fast, reliable and cost-effective. We aim to deliver your quotes from the UK market instantly, so you can select the perfect package for you as quickly as possible.

  • 15% faster at installing leased line

    At Leased Line, we understand that time is money. That’s why our team are dedicated to ensuring that your new connection is set-up as soon as possible, and compared to the rest of the UK we can install your new leased line 15% faster!

Need help getting the best package for your business?

Cisco Business Internet Features And Benefits

  • Enhance your business’s scalability

    Cisco’s revolutionary ‘DNA’ allows you to automate your network, meaning you can subsequently supply your business with improved agility and scalability.

  • Achieve a better WAN operation

    Using Cisco technology means that you can provide all the users of your connection with a consistently stable and fast internet experience.

  • You can be confident in your network’s performance

    By selecting a networking solution from Cisco, you will have the capabilities to quickly troubleshoot issues and therefore increase your business’s productivity.

  • Identify threats quickly

    Cisco’s innovative products allow you to pinpoint threats throughout your network, even those that are camouflaged in encrypted traffic.

  • You’re in charge

    Cisco’s high levels of security mean that you have entire control over those who can and can’t connect to your network.

  • Cloud migration

    With Cisco, you are easily able to improve your network users’ experience by allowing them to connect to a multi-cloud system.

  • Minimal downtime

    The networking solutions that Cisco manufacture are purpose-built to ensure that business productivity levels remain high, by minimising the chances of network downtime.

  • Efficiently manage workflows

    Using Cisco will enhance how your business manages workflows, by improving a variety of features such as visibility, rules, and alerts.

  • IoT networking

    Introduce yourself into the world of IoT with a Cisco networking solution and improve the levels of your business’s security and productivity. has helped thousands of businesses save money

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Need help getting the best package for your business?
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