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CityFibre Leased Lines

CityFibre is changing the UK’s communications landscape for businesses. As the UK’s third national digital infrastructure platform, we’re building full fibre network across our towns and cities to create a gigabit age suitable for everyone and adopting a whole-city approach to full fibre roll out.

With an ambitious £4bn investment programme to reach up to 8 million homes and businesses across the UK, CityFibre is rapidly enabling businesses access to faster, more reliable services.

Our CityFibre-based portfolio includes Fibre Ethernet, Point-to-Point and Fibre Flex services, offering the flexibility and choice needed to meet the needs of your business.

Currently available in: Aberdeen, Bracknell, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloucester, Huddersfield, Leeds, Leicester, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottingham, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Reading, Rotherham, Sheffield, Slough, Southend, Swindon and Wakefield.


Why choose CityFibre?

  • Modern, independent and robust full fibre infrastructure giving you full confidence in your connection
  • Full fibre services to serve businesses currently available in 27 towns and cities across the UK with more on the way as the network continues to grow at pace
  • A portfolio of full fibre products run over our own independent network, offering a fresh route to digital enablement at a highly competitive price

Why choose

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    You are guaranteed to secure the perfect internet solution by using Leased Line, as we compare over 50 different providers to help you in finding the best deal for your company!

  • Helping over 80,000 customers

    The expert services that we provide at Leased Line are emphasised by our growing client base. We work with thousands of customers who trust us to provide them with the ultimate internet package.

  • Delivering your quote in under 1 hour

    The Leased Line team are devoted to finding you an internet that is fast, reliable and cost-effective. We aim to deliver your quotes from the UK market instantly, so you can select the perfect package for you as quickly as possible.

  • 15% faster at installing leased line

    At Leased Line, we understand that time is money. That’s why our team are dedicated to ensuring that your new connection is set-up as soon as possible, and compared to the rest of the UK we can install your new leased line 15% faster!

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CityFibre Business Internet Features And Benefits

  • Fresh Choice

    CityFibre is the UK’s original full fibre champion! As the third national provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the nation’s only builder of Gigabit Cities, it is bringing a much-needed digital revolution, enabling your business to grow and thrive.

  • Market Leading Pricing

    Want Gigabit speed connectivity for less monthly cost to the business than the average company hire car or hired office printer? CityFibre’s independent and advanced full fibre network opens up a fresh choice of connectivity at the most competitive pricing in the market.

  • Ultra-fast Speeds

    Full fibre gives your business access to symmetrical, gigabit-capable upload and download speeds. Increasing efficiency and productivity. Unlike so-called ‘fibre’ broadband services, there is no copper to restrict the speeds our network can support. For your business this means practically limitless capacity to effortlessly transfer even the largest files in a flash (10-100x faster than most business connections).

  • Flexibility

    CityFibre’s game changing Fibre Flex product offers businesses low cost full fibre Ethernet that meets their need for exceptionally fast connectivity, while accommodating occasional need for more bandwidth at no extra cost. With a guaranteed rate of 200Mbps both up and down and the provision to burst up to 1Gbps, it serves businesses’ need for a consistently reliable and fast connection for day-to-day operations but critically the ability to complete bandwidth-intensive tasks without incurring additional charges or having to pre-arrange more bandwidth availability.

  • Future Proof Your Business

    A full fibre connection can support your business now and as your team and digital requirements grow in the future. The rise of cloud services is changing the way businesses like yours work forever, improving efficiency and sparking innovation. With bandwidth no longer a barrier, your business is primed to take full advantage of its shift to the cloud.

  • Resilient, Reliable, Responsive

    Full fibre infrastructure is the best possible platform for the delivery of business critical services. Fully diverse and completely independent from incumbent infrastructure, CityFibre’s networks provide the assurance and quality of service businesses demand and expect, including access to 24/7 UK based tech support, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of the network and comprehensive business class SLAs. has helped thousands of businesses save money

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Need help getting the best package for your business?
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