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Colt Leased Lines

Colt is a leading network and communications service provider who specialise in network and voice services for enterprises and wholesale customers throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Founded in 1992 by Jim Hynes, this multinational telecoms and data services company provides services to large enterprise, small and midsize companies.

The leased line service that Colt provide is called ‘Ethernet Line’, and is purpose-built to ensure that businesses can transform their digital platforms. Colt are recognised as pioneers in software-defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV). A Colt leased line offers bandwidth speeds from 2Mbps all the way to 40Gbps.

Colt is organised into three lines of business; voice services, network services, and data centre services. Colt connects over 700 data centres around the world, with over 24,500 on-net buildings.


Why choose Colt?

  • Direct fibre connections into over 25,000 buildings
  • Recognised industry pioneers
  • The new standard in high bandwidth network and voice services

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    The expert services that we provide at Leased Line are emphasised by our growing client base. We work with thousands of customers who trust us to provide them with the ultimate internet package.

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    The Leased Line team are devoted to finding you an internet that is fast, reliable and cost-effective. We aim to deliver your quotes from the UK market instantly, so you can select the perfect package for you as quickly as possible.

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    At Leased Line, we understand that time is money. That’s why our team are dedicated to ensuring that your new connection is set-up as soon as possible, and compared to the rest of the UK we can install your new leased line 15% faster!

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Colt Business Internet Features And Benefits

  • An award-winning leased line provider

    By choosing Colt as your leased line provider, you will be supplied a service that has earned awards at ceremonies such as the Global Carrier Awards.

  • Outstanding performance

    Colt pride themselves on an overall leased line service that ensures minimal ‘lagging’, steady low latency and zero frame loss.

  • Super-fast delivery speed

    Colt is well renowned for their exceptionally fast delivery time. You can expect to be provided with your leased line within 45 working days of placing your order.

  • Unrivalled levels of support

    Once your Colt leased line has been installed, you will be able to benefit off the highly reliable support team that Colt has if you ever require assistance.

  • Competitive pricing

    Colt Ethernet lines are highly competitive on price when compared to other vendors in the market, making it a great option if your business is operating on a budget.

  • Leased line flexibility

    Colt offers a variety of different bandwidths, and you can increase the performance of your leased line at any time.

  • Great for big city businesses

    Colt leased lines have a high level of speed and scalability make them ideal for businesses in major cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

  • Perfect for demanding workloads

    Thanks to its deterministic performance profile, an Ethernet line by Colt can be depended on to support companies with even the most demanding applications.

  • Guaranteed security

    By choosing a Colt leased line, you can be assured that all your sites can effectively exchange data securely. has helped thousands of businesses save money

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Need help getting the best package for your business?
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