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Compare deals from the UK’s leading business internet providers take the hard work out of comparing leased line technology, by working with all the UK’s top leased line providers to find you the best supplier, at the best price. We will instantly search the current market, meeting your requirements to secure a fast, reliable dedicated internet connection for your business. Trust us to find you the perfect leased line provider.

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Not only will we find you a trusted provider, but our leased line packages offer guaranteed speeds and service level agreements with rapid response times. The expert team will ensure you get the best package to suit your needs, providing support at every stage and delivering you a dedicated leased line connection no matter what your business’s size. Compare types of leased line solutions.

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Regardless of the demands of your business, we are confident that we can identify the perfect leased line package for you. Start saving with by telling us the size of your business below.

How to Increase the Bandwidth for Your Business - Office contention

Identify leased line packages that are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with up to 100 employees.

Small / Medium

How to Make a Conference Call - VoIP

Leased line solutions that are perfect for larger sized businesses that employ between 101 – 4,000 people.


What is a Dedicated Internet Connection - Office

Find a leased line solution that can cope with the demands of corporate organisations with over 4,000 employees.


With up to 50 providers to choose from, finding affordable business internet was never easier

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a leased line?

Leased lines are also commonly referred to as dedicated internet access or private circuits and are a modern form of Ethernet technology that allow you to achieve reliable, stable and uncontended bandwidth speeds of up to 10Gbps.

As leased lines provide your business with a dedicated internet connection, they are the highest performing connectivity option available. By opting for a leased line solution, your business will benefit from guaranteed symmetrical upload/download speeds.

Does my business need dedicated internet access?

Leased line connectivity can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, from all industries. However, if you own a data-hungry business that regularly completes large data transfers, video conferences, VoIP calls and depends on cloud-based services, then we highly recommend opting for a leased line solution.

At, we are proud to help varying businesses to secure the perfect leased line package. If your company employs up to 100 workers, then browse dedicated internet access for small businesses.

Whereas if your company has between 100 – 4,000 employees, explore our dedicated internet access packages for large businesses.

Or if you own a business which has over 4,000 employees, take a look at our internet deals for corporate organisations.

How do leased lines work?

Although the benefits of incorporating leased line technology are massive, the way in which the technology operates is a simple concept. Essentially, leased lines work by connecting different locations with a private line. In most instances, this line will run between your business and your leased line suppliers network, however, leased lines can also run between two of your business’s separate sites.

How is dedicated internet access installed?

Leased lines are delivered through fibre optic cables that need to be physically implemented by a qualified and experienced team of engineers. This team will be supplied by your leased line supplier. For you to receive your leased line connection, the installation team may have to dig up the ground to lay the cable infrastructure. This timeframe for this process can vary, depending on how close the network is to your business and what leased line package you opt for.

What speeds are available with a leased line?

You can select a leased line speed that reflects the needs of your company, whether you’re seeking a 10 Mbps package or a 10 Gbps connection. At, we can offer your business a leased line solution that provides the ideal upload/download speeds.

You can explore our selection of leased line speed options below:

How will you manage my leased line?

If part of the leased line solution, provide a fully managed router that acts as a gateway device and allows us to monitor the status of the line, to identify exactly where a fault has occurred if one arises. If you opt to not have a router, we would be unable to manage the line and this would be your responsibility.

Will I be getting a fair price?

We compare all of the UK’s leased line service providers for the most competitive and cost effective solutions.


Select speeds that reflects your business' internet requirements can supply your business with dedicated internet access that offers your desired upload/download speeds. Explore the different leased line speed packages that we can equip your business with below.

Up to 20 Mbps

Dedicated line at the lowest prices
  • A dedicated line, meaning you do not have to share your bandwidth.
  • Ideal for small/medium sized businesses that aren't too data hungry.
  • Benefit from a fully managed connection.
  • Your 20 Mbps leased line can be installed within 10 days.
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Up to 10 Gbps

Our ultimate dedicated connection
  • Upload/download speeds of 10 Gbps; perfect for businesses of all sizes.
  • Connect two or more sites of your organisation if you wish.
  • A fully managed connection with an unlimited download limit
  • Installation can be completed in under 70 days.
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Up to 35 Mbps

High speed connection for less
  • Guaranteed and reliable upload/download speeds of up to 35 Mbps.
  • Fibre optic cable connectivity is available instead of copper.
  • Robust SLA's guaranteeing a high level of service.
  • Benefit from a highly secure connection with an unlimited download limit.
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The Gigabit Voucher Scheme

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If you are a small to medium sized business in the UK looking to future-proof your business, you could be eligible to claim up to £2,500 towards gigabit capable connectivity through the government's Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

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