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We work with BT Wholesale to get you the best deals

BT Wholesale Leased Lines

We’re proud to work closely with the BT Wholesale team so that we can provide you with superb levels of Internet reliability utilising BTnet leased line solutions. BT Wholesale have several different leased line packages to select from so don’t worry if your business needs a leased line solution for 10 employees or over 100 employees – together, we’ve got you covered.

BT Wholesale provide a range of telephony products to business customers and, with an extensive portfolio to chose from, have products which give our customers the choice and flexibility they need.

Benefit from the independence of and challenge us to get you the best business leased line for your business.

Looking for a great deal on leased line services? Check out our latest offers.


  • Dedicated connection - BT Wholesale provides you with your own dedicated line, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your connection with anybody and, as a result, you won’t experience dips in your internet’s performance.
  • Massive capacity - Your leased line allows a substantial number of users to be online at the same time, no matter what applications they’re running.
  • Super-quick upload time - Unlike broadband connections, a BT dedicated line allows you to upload huge files within seconds.
  • Responsive - If you experience any problems regarding your BT dedicated line, your expert support team is only a phone call away 24/7/365.
  • Manage your speed - Upgrade your internet speed whenever you need to make sure your leased line connection is in sync with the rest of your business.
  • Uncapped data - With a BT leased line, your data is unlimited don’t worry about frustrating caps or fair usage policies.
  • And much more! - Further benefits of installing a BTnet leased line include regular usage reports, low lag guarantees as well as fully managed service and equipment.

There are several different types of leased lines available. All suit different budgets and different business needs. They include:

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) – EFM provides an end-to-end solution using multiple copper wires to connect your business to the Ethernet core network. Ideal where fibre Ethernet is not currently available or would be costly to install.

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) or Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) – A hybrid solution where existing fibre or copper cables connect your business to the street cabinet before a dedicated Ethernet line carries your data to the core network.

Leased Line or Fibre Ethernet – The ultimate end-to-end connectivity solution which offers unparalleled levels of speed and reliability. It can be implemented in most locations whether fibre is currently available or not.

Fibre Flex Leased Line – Commit to a low cost minimum bandwidth i.e. 200Mb and you will get burstable bandwidth of up to 1Gb when available, at no extra cost.

Point-to-Point – Perfect for connecting two or more offices in different locations and ensures your data is secure and your network performance is more reliable.

Although we do carry out comparisons of the entire market on your behalf to find you the best deal, we’ll also act as your internet service provider so you’ll be contracted with us. Don’t worry though, we’ll supply you with dedicated project management to ensure your leased line is delivered much faster than the industry standard and we’ll be there for you throughout your contract term should you need anything at all.

It’s the same as any other leased line! A BT leased line provides a dedicated connection for your business so you don’t have to worry about contending with other users – you’ll be the only ones using it! You’ll also get fixed bandwidth and you’ll get symmetrical upload and download speeds. 

A 100MB leased line is an increasingly popular option for UK businesses as the 100MB package is able to handle higher demands, offers enhanced reliability and gives increased WAN utilisation. Price does vary depending on the provider you choose but the price is around double the amount you’d pay for a 10MB connection. However, here at we also offer gigabit internet lines if your business wants a little extra.  

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