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TalkTalk Business Leased Line services

TalkTalk Business fibre provides reliable and competitively priced business broadband, telecoms and network solutions to over 180,000 UK businesses and 350 resellers. Businesses can choose from several TalkTalk broadband options including EoFTTC Internet access, EFM Internet access, and Ethernet Access Direct. Furthermore, TalkTalk Business ensures that your internet connection achieves its highest possible speed. As a quality and cost-effective option, all businesses should consider TalkTalk leased lines.

About TalkTalk Business

TalkTalk Business is a telephone, business broadband, mobile phone and IT provider owned by TalkTalk Group. Founded in 1995 as Opal Telecoms, it became TalkTalk Business in 2011. Today, it offers a variety of leased line solutions.

Why choose TalkTalk?

  • Suppliers to over 180,000 UK businesses
  • A wide range of connectivity solutions
  • Over 20 years of industry experience

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  • Professional support. TalkTalk Business is known for its highly professional and knowledgeable support team.
  • Near perfect reliability. Opting for a TalkTalk leased lines solution means you will benefit from 99.9995% network reliability.
  • Fully uncontended connection. Your leased line connection from TalkTalk Business will be fully dedicated to your business. Therefore, you won’t be sharing and you’ll get consistently fast speeds.
  • A selection of leased line options. TalkTalk Business offer three different leased line solutions, allowing you to choose an option that suits your requirements and your budget.
  • Wide coverage. TalkTalk Business cover 95% of the UK. As a result, wherever your business is situated, you’re likely to benefit from its services and a high performing connection.
  • Low latency. Guaranteed low latency helps you avoid frustrating long delays.

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