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Colt Leased Lines

Colt Telecom is a leading network and communications service provider who specialise in network and voice services for enterprises and wholesale customers across the globe.

Founded in 1992 by Jim Hynes, Colt technologies is a multinational telecoms and data services company provides services to large enterprise, small and midsize companies.

The leased line service that Colt Telecom provides is called ‘Ethernet Line’, and is purpose-built to ensure that businesses can transform their digital platforms. A 100MB line costs can vary but with our comparison, you can find the best price and solution for your business.

Colt technologies is organised into three lines of business; voice services, network services, and data centre services. Colt connects over 700 data centres around the world, with over 24,500 on-net buildings.

Why choose Colt?

  • Direct fibre connections into over 25,000 buildings
  • Recognised industry pioneers
  • The new standard in high bandwidth network and voice services

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  • An award-winning leased line provider - By choosing Colt Telecom as your leased line provider, you’ll get a service that has earned awards at ceremonies such as the Global Carrier Awards.
  • Outstanding performance - Colt pride themselves on a service that ensures minimal ‘lagging’, steady low latency and zero frame loss.
  • Super-fast delivery speed - Colt is well renowned for its exceptionally fast delivery time. You can expect your leased line within 45 working days of placing your order.
  • Unrivalled levels of support - You’ll benefit from the highly reliable support team that Colt technologies has if you ever require assistance.
  • Competitive pricing - Colt Telecom are highly competitive on price, making their leased lines a great option if your business is operating on a budget.
  • Leased line flexibility - Colt offers a variety of different bandwidths and you can increase the performance of your leased line at any time.
  • Great for big city businesses - Colt leased lines have a high level of speed and scalability, making them ideal for businesses in major cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham.
  • Perfect for demanding workloads - A Colt Ethernet line can be depended on to support businesses with the most demanding applications.
  • Guaranteed security - By choosing a Colt leased line, you can be assured that all your sites can exchange data securely and effectively.

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