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Point-to-Point Leased Line

Need to connect multiple locations with a secure, fast line?

What is a Point-to-Point Leased Line?

Point-to-Point leased line (P2P) solutions are ideal for businesses looking to provide dedicated connectivity between head office or branch location sites in different locations.

With a dedicated, Point-to-Point connection between two sites (situated a maximum distance of 28km apart) businesses can ensure both the reliability and security of their network connectivity. Dedicated Point-to-Point connections are ideal for when quality of service is of utmost importance. For example, when businesses are looking to use high-bandwidth applications such as voice and video, or when business critical applications need to be available 24/7.  An added benefit of Point-to-Point connectivity comes if your businesses is using a VoIP telephone system, as you’ll also make big savings on site-to-site calls.

A point-to-point connection is available using either copper or fibre Ethernet and offers symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps.

It’s a secure, managed service capable of dealing with a high volume of users and can handle high bandwidth cloud-based applications.

Read more about Point-to-Point Leased Lines.

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  • High-availability, low-latency private circuits
  • Up to 10Gbps upload/download speed
  • Available using copper or fibre Ethernet
  • Ideal for connection of multiple sites, up to 28 miles apart
  • Robust SLAs
  • Highly secure
Prices from £199 Get a quote now
"The experience with was very straightforward and I was kept in the loop at all times. Since the leased line was installed we’ve all noticed a massive improvement!"
Soben Contract & Commercial Ltd
Lorraine McCann
"We got 100Mbps for the price BT were offering 20Mbps and still saved money!"
Integral Memory Plc
IT Manager
"Very quick to respond. Excellent and confident non pressurized view of the market and suppliers available to us."
Amina Technologies Ltd
Richard Newlove

Many corporate businesses approach our team to ask whether our leased line solutions can connect multiple sites. Our Point-to-Point Leased Line allows you to form a corporate WAN, therefore allowing your employees to quickly, safely and securely share valuable information across offices in different locations. Find out more about Point-to-Point Leased Lines.

Well for a start a leased line will provide you with guaranteed speeds and your leased line will come with service levels which, in turn, sees your fix time improve tenfold should anything go wrong. This also enables businesses to embrace technology and get the most out of bandwidth hungry, real-time applications. Having a leased line will also reduce your hardware and maintenance costs as your business will be running over an extremely stable and resilient line. Using a leased line will reduce downtime from days to as little as four hours which, in turn, will boost operational efficiency and eliminate downtime problems.

With a leased line; your businesses possibilities are endless. You can run a VoIP system over it, move to a cloud-based CRM and operate a whole host of applications, services and platforms to give your business and your employees the efficiency and productivity needed to set you apart from your competition.

Although we do carry out comparisons of the entire market on your behalf to find you the best deal, we’ll also act as your internet service provider so you’ll be contracted with us. Don’t worry though, we’ll supply you with dedicated project management to ensure your leased line is delivered much faster than the industry standard and we’ll be there for you throughout your contract term should you need anything at all.

We pride ourselves on our seven week delivery time for our leased lines, especially when the industry average is ten weeks. We also provide market-leasing support alongside proactive account management so that you’re always in capable hands and there’ll always be someone there should you ever need us.

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