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Vodafone Business Leased Line

Vodafone’s leased line connectivity solutions for business include:

  • Vodafone Dedicated Ethernet. It delivers robust, secure and uninterrupted connectivity and enables businesses to scale bandwidth to meet future demands.
  • Vodafone Ethernet Wireline. This solution is ideal for point-to-point dedicated internet access between multiple sites. For instance, it supports different traffic types including voice, video and data.
  • Vodafone Ethernet VPN. It provides business leased lines between sites via a virtual private LAN. Moreover, it allows businesses to prioritise bandwidth for particular traffic types.

Vodafone dedicated internet access provides point-to-point connectivity with low latency and bandwidths ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps. As a result, the solutions are perfect for connecting multiple large business sites and managing applications via the cloud. work closely with Vodafone to supply your business with the perfect business leased line solution at the best deals.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London. It owns and operates networks in over 25 countries and has partner networks in over 50 other countries. Over 30 years ago, Vodafone made the very first mobile phone call and sent the first SMS in Britain and has since strived to lead the way.

Why choose Vodafone?

  • Flawless, low latency, jitter-free broadcast & media coverage
  • Always on connection for resilient, cost-effective data transfer
  • A wide range of Ethernet solutions

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  • A dedicated connection – A Vodafone business leased line will provide you with a quick, reliable connection as you won’t have to worry about competing with consumer traffic.
  • Choose a service that suits you – Vodafone provides service speeds that range from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. Therefore, you can be confident in finding a service that suits your requirements.
  • Scale up if you wish – If you ever need to upgrade your Vodafone leased line plan, you are easily able to do so.
  • Effective global networking – Vodafone’s dedicated Ethernet services package operates on a revolutionary network so you can benefit from a reliable connection wherever you are.
  • No restrictions – Use as much internet data as you want with Vodafone as your Vodafone dedicated internet access has no data restrictions. As a result, you won’t receive extra charges for more internet usage.
  • Learn about your usage – You will have access to specialist reports so that you can confidently understand your online performance.
  • Take control of your connection – Vodafone allows you to easily manage your Ethernet traffic and even prioritise traffic when you need to.

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