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ITS Leased Lines Now Available from just £101/month

ITS Update May 2022

ITS leased lines are leading the market with a simplified pricing structure, the removal of timebound promotional rates and the introduction of commitment packages – all on top of great prices. It is part of a big push from ITS as the Faster Britain network build reaches its goal of passing 25% of business premises by the end of 2022.

In a market of increasing costs, ITS Leased Lines’ ultrafast full-fibre offering is a fantastic value connectivity solution for business. Additionally, it’s now available for 10% less.  

Key Features: 

  • Dedicated full-fibre DIA services from 100Mbps on a 1Gbps bearer and up to 10Gbps on a 10Gbps bearer
  • Tiered pricing at 100Mbps increments allows you to tailor propositions and facilitate later upgrade activity
  • Industry leading 1 and 5 year contract rates (1/3/5 year contracts available). Entry points from £101/month based on 100Mbps on 1Gbps bearer (ex VAT)
  • Installation on Category 1 orders from 10-20 days
  • 6 hour response time, 24/7 UK support
  • Options for circuit migration

ITS Leased Lines

We’re proud to work closely with ITS to build a Faster Britain network across the UK. can provide you with fantastic levels of reliability and bandwidth speeds to match your specific business needs. ITS operates a UK-wide network of gigabit capable services. The company’s full fibre leased line service delivers uncontended symmetrical bandwidth of 10Gbps. It also offers a full fibre broadband service which features low contention rates to ensure reliable upload and download speeds.

ITS use a ‘dig once’ approach. This means, where possible, they will use existing infrastructure to minimise disruption. In addition, it lowers the environmental impact of any installation work.

Looking for a great ITS Leased Lines service? Then check out our latest offers.


  • An ITS leased line provides a dedicated connection for your business. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about contending with other users sas you’ll be the only ones using it! In addition, it guarantees fixed bandwidth and symmetrical upload and download speeds.
  • ITS engineers use a ‘dig once’ approach. This means they use existing infrastructure to minimise the time to install connections where they can. Moreover, it makes them kinder to the environment whilst reducing the disruption caused by civil digs.
  • It installs on-net orders far quicker than the industry average of 90 days. Often, installs happen within days of orders being placed.
  • ITS leased lines are a managed, monitored service to ensure your lines are reliable. Therefore, issues and faults can be resolved quickly resulting in minimal or no downtime. There are various levels of monitoring available from ITS from passive to active. Passive monitoring works with alerts and triggers. On the other hand, active uses intelligent software to forewarn of risks and unusual activity.

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