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We’ve compiled a list of common customer questions to help you decide whether a leased line is right for your business. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for. If not, get in touch online today.

By contacting your account manager, you should easily be able to increase your bandwidth within 20 days. However, it is important to review what bearer you are using prior to upgrading, as you may have already maxed out your bandwidth. For example, if you are currently operating on a 100 Mbps bearer but your business requires speeds of 200 Mbps, you will have to upgrade your bearer which will take longer than the 20-day upgrade period. is your one-stop shop for a dedicated internet connection. Thanks to the wholesale agreements that we have in place with all the UK’s main leased line providers, combined with our volume purchasing power, you can achieve both a better price and service through our team than you would from buying directly. Compare deals from the UK’s leading leased line providers.

The most cost-effective leased line deals we offer small businesses are our GEA/EoFTTC or Fibre Flex options. This solution is available for as little as £114 p/m, and is ideal for smaller to medium-sized companies that use the internet for browsing, VoIP telephony, and Skype calls. Compare deals for GEA internet.

Most small businesses that approach the team here at end up opting for the Leased Line / Fibre Ethernet option, as it is the ultimate dedicated connectivity solution that we provide. To find a Fibre Ethernet leased line that fits your needs, get in touch online now.

Although leased lines are more expensive than broadband connectivity in the initial stages, in the long run, you can expect to make some substantial savings. A dedicated connection reduces both maintenance costs and downtime, while also having a positive effect on the overall productivity of your organisation.

The time taken for your large business to receive a leased line upgrade depends on the type of leased line deal that you opt for. If you select the highly popular Fibre Ethernet leased line solution, we aim to provide you with your new connection in under 70 days. Compare the latest fibre ethernet deals.

There are a number of determining factors that dictate how much bandwidth your large business requires. Firstly, the number of employees is crucial, but perhaps the internet operations that your employees use is a more influential factor. For example, a team of 250 employees who use the internet for file downloads, cloud usage, video streaming and VoIP will require more bandwidth than 250 employees who require connectivity for basic web browsing and emails. You can find out how much bandwidth your large business needs by contacting our team today.

Our Leased Line/Fibre Ethernet deal is the most popular solution for businesses with 101 – 4,000 employees. This option provides upload/download speeds of up to 10 Gbps and supplies an unparalleled internet performance to a wide range of large UK businesses. Simply put, this fully managed end-to-end solution is the ultimate form of internet connectivity. Learn more about Fibre Ethernet.

Symmetrical bandwidth is simple, and something that comes as standard with all leased line packages. Essentially, symmetrical bandwidth means that your business will have identical upload and download speeds. This is massively beneficial for corporate businesses, as you can upload and download simultaneously without experiencing any breaks in connection.

The dedicated team can gather quotes from all the UK’s leading leased line providers, meaning you can obtain quotes for speeds from 1 Mbps all the way to 10 Gbps. In our experience, some of the most popular leased line speeds for corporate businesses are the 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps options.

Many corporate businesses approach our team to ask whether our leased line solutions can connect multiple sites. Our Point-to-Point Leased Line allows you to form a corporate WAN, therefore allowing your employees to quickly, safely and securely share valuable information across offices in different locations. Find out more about Point-to-Point Leased Lines.

Out of the leased line packages that we can provide you with, the most popular choice for corporate businesses is our Leased Line / Fibre Ethernet deal. This option is the preferred choice for many companies with thousands of employees, as it is the highest performing internet connectivity solution that we offer at To find out how this leased line deal can evolve your corporate organisation, learn more about Fibre Ethernet today.

A leased line is a dedicated internet line. Unlike business broadband which is shared amongst other businesses, a leased line isn’t shared with anyone else. This means a leased line can give you guaranteed symmetrical speeds, enhanced reliability and unrivalled speeds to make sure your business gets the connectivity service it needs.

A leased line and Ethernet are essentially the same. Dedicated business internet access using a superfast Ethernet cable is known by many names, including leased line, Ethernet or Dedicated Internet Access.

There are several different types of leased lines available. All suit different budgets and different business needs. They include:

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) – EFM provides an end-to-end solution using multiple copper wires to connect your business to the Ethernet core network. Ideal where fibre Ethernet is not currently available or would be costly to install.

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) or Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) – A hybrid solution where existing fibre or copper cables connect your business to the street cabinet before a dedicated Ethernet line carries your data to the core network.

Leased Line or Fibre Ethernet – The ultimate end-to-end connectivity solution which offers unparalleled levels of speed and reliability. It can be implemented in most locations whether fibre is currently available or not.

Fibre Flex Leased Line – Commit to a low cost minimum bandwidth i.e. 200Mb and you will get burstable bandwidth of up to 1Gb when available, at no extra cost.

Point-to-Point – Perfect for connecting two or more offices in different locations and ensures your data is secure and your network performance is more reliable.

Well that depends on several factors such as how many employees you have and the services and applications that those employees use your internet for. Email, cloud services, VoIP phone calls, VoIP system, uploading and downloading files, web browsing, video conferencing and more all affect bandwidth.

Light use – basic email and web browsing

Moderate use – file downloads, streaming music or video, cloud usage and VoIP

Strong use – all of the above as well as large file downloads and interactive conferencing

Heavy use – all of the above as well as heavy use of internet applications and multiple devices per user

Well simply because with a leased line you get more than you do with traditional broadband. A leased line is an enterprise-grade solution delivered over an Ethernet fibre line direct into your business, dedicated specifically for your use.

Broadband on the other hand is a shared consumer level service which is delivered using copper wires. With Ethernet you’ll get guaranteed speeds and enhanced reliability – things which are at a much lesser standard when using traditional broadband.

Yes of course we can! A leased line is a fibre line which is built and delivered to order. Traditional telephony and street cabinets aren’t usually used on a typical leased line install.

We won’t directly take over an existing leased line order from another supplier because of issues surrounding service guarantees and continuity. As the fibre has been in the ground, the only way to ensure the leased line is able to uphold its SLAs is by supplying a new connection. However, if there’s existing fibre infrastructure we can test the line installed and, if it meets our standards it can reduce the connection time to as little as six weeks.

Of course and it’s very easy to do! You’ll just have to contact your account manager to arrange the upgrade which, on average, takes around 20 working days to increase the bandwidth, The only exception to this time period is when you’re looking at going from a 100Mbps to a 1Gbps because 100Mbps can’t supply any additional bandwidth. For a 1Gbps you’ll need a much thicker fibre line which can supply greater speeds.

We’re sorry that happened to you but not all suppliers have the required leased line infrastructure in every area. However, we aggregate all UK suppliers so we’ll look at all the suppliers available in your area to find you the best deal in terms of service costs as well as delivery times.

Well for a start a leased line will provide you with guaranteed speeds and your leased line will come with service levels which, in turn, sees your fix time improve tenfold should anything go wrong. This also enables businesses to embrace technology and get the most out of bandwidth hungry, real-time applications. Having a leased line will also reduce your hardware and maintenance costs as your business will be running over an extremely stable and resilient line. Using a leased line will reduce downtime from days to as little as four hours which, in turn, will boost operational efficiency and eliminate downtime problems.

With a leased line; your businesses possibilities are endless. You can run a VoIP system over it, move to a cloud-based CRM and operate a whole host of applications, services and platforms to give your business and your employees the efficiency and productivity needed to set you apart from your competition.

Although we do carry out comparisons of the entire market on your behalf to find you the best deal, we’ll also act as your internet service provider so you’ll be contracted with us. Don’t worry though, we’ll supply you with dedicated project management to ensure your leased line is delivered much faster than the industry standard and we’ll be there for you throughout your contract term should you need anything at all.

We pride ourselves on our seven week delivery time for our leased lines, especially when the industry average is ten weeks. We also provide market-leasing support alongside proactive account management so that you’re always in capable hands and there’ll always be someone there should you ever need us.

It’s the same as any other leased line! A BT leased line provides a dedicated connection for your business so you don’t have to worry about contending with other users – you’ll be the only ones using it! You’ll also get fixed bandwidth and you’ll get symmetrical upload and download speeds. 

A 100MB leased line is an increasingly popular option for UK businesses as the 100MB package is able to handle higher demands, offers enhanced reliability and gives increased WAN utilisation. Price does vary depending on the provider you choose but the price is around double the amount you’d pay for a 10MB connection. However, here at we also offer gigabit internet lines if your business wants a little extra.  

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Don’t worry! If you’ve got any pressing questions regarding leased line connectivity that haven’t been answered above then just contact a member of the team today and they’ll be more than happy to help.

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"We got 100Mbps for the price BT were offering 20Mbps and still saved money!"
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"We've had a really good experience. Since the circuit has gone in it's been 100% perfect and does what it says on the tin. A happy customer here!"
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