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Regardless of what sector your corporate organisation is situated in, it is pivotal that you continue to provide the best possible service for your customers. In this high-pressure environment, it is vital that your internet connection does not hold you back, and this is where leased line connectivity can help.

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Unlike broadband, a leased line connection will provide your corporate organisation with a private connection, which means that you do not have to share your bandwidth with nearby businesses. Not only do our leased line solutions provide guaranteed symmetrical upload/download speeds, but our packages also include SLA’s with rapid response times and a 24/7 minimum uptime guarantee. Find out more information about the corporate packages from below.

Leased Line / Fibre Ethernet
Our ultimate dedicated connection
From 157* p/m
Our ultimate connectivity end-to-end fibre solution offers unparalleled levels of reliability and speed. It can be implemented in most locations regardless of whether or not fibre is currently available.
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Point-to-Point Leased Line
Perfect for connecting two or more offices
From POA* p/m
A Point-to-Point Leased Line solution is perfect for connecting two or more offices in different locations, ensuring that your data is secure and your network performance is reliable.
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EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile
High-speed connection for less
From 133* p/m
Where fibre Ethernet is not available or would be expensive to install, EFM provides an end-to-end solution using multiple copper wires to connect your premises directly to the Ethernet core network.
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A dedicated line at the lowest prices
From 114* p/m
Ethernet over Fibre-To-The-Cabinet is a high velocity, hybrid solution where existing fibre or copper cables connect your business to the nearest street cabinet, and a dedicated Ethernet line carries data to the core network.
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Corporate Leased Line FAQ's

At, our team understand that you may have a few questions to ask our team before you enquire about enhancing your corporate business with a leased line connection. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular questions that are regularly asked by corporate business owners. However, if your query is not included within our list of FAQ’s, you can have your questions directly answered by one of our helpful advisors by getting in touch with today.

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What is the most popular leased line deal for corporate organisations?

Out of the four leased line packages that we can provide you with, the most popular choice for corporate businesses is our Leased Line / Fibre Ethernet deal. This option is the preferred choice for many companies with thousands of employees, as it is the highest performing internet connectivity solution that we offer at To find out how this leased line deal can evolve your corporate organisation, learn more about Fibre Ethernet today.

Can help my business connect multiple offices?

Many corporate businesses approach our team to ask whether our leased line solutions can connect multiple sites. Our Point-to-Point Leased Line allows you to form a corporate WAN, therefore allowing your employees to quickly, safely and securely share valuable information across offices in different locations. Find out more about Point-to-Point Leased Lines.

What leased line speeds are available for my corporate business?

The dedicated team can gather quotes from all the UK’s leading leased line providers, meaning you can obtain quotes for speeds from 1 Mbps all the way to 10 Gbps. In our experience, some of the most popular leased line speeds for corporate businesses are the 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps options.

What is symmetrical bandwidth?

Symmetrical bandwidth is simple, and something that comes as standard with all leased line packages. Essentially, symmetrical bandwidth means that your business will have identical upload and download speeds. This is massively beneficial for corporate businesses, as you can upload and download simultaneously without experiencing any breaks in connection.

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