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A complete guide of how to test the speed of your leased line

At, our sole aim is to help you secure the best leased line package for your business. However, we feel it is essential to ensure that our service doesn’t end as soon as you get connected. If you are concerned about your leased line speed then our team is here to help.

This blog post will provide you with the top tips to help you complete an accurate leased line speed test.

How to effectively check your leased line speed.

When conducting a leased line speed check, you have two different options. A simple, quick option that might not provide the most reliable results. The detailed check, a more time consuming option that will provide much more accurate feedback.

The fast option is easy – hook your laptop up to your leased line router to run the leased line speed test. There are a variety of broadband speed tests available on the internet, so we’d advise running a few different ones to see what kind of results you collect.

However, some business broadband speed checker results may not be completely accurate, especially if leased line speeds in your business exceed 10Mbps.

If you are looking for a more reliable leased line speed test, contact your leased line provider. Arrange to complete a broadband speed test using specialist monitoring technology. If your leased line router connects at speeds above 10Mbps, this is the necessary option.

What if your leased line isn’t quick enough?

If you are not satisfied with your leased line speed, then there are a variety of different scenarios that might affect your connection test.

One possibility is that you might have multiple users using the connection whilst you are running your test, so less bandwidth will be available. At, we recommend to complete your leased line speed check outside of business hours.

Alternatively, certain traffic being prioritised on the internet whilst conducting the test may affect the leased line speed. Some laptop / computer network interface cards are not efficient enough to test the connection accurately.

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