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What is a Failover?

We’re all used to having the internet readily available at our workplaces but are you prepared should it fail? Having a leased line failover or some sort of connectivity backup could prove crucial to your business should the worst happen and there’s no time like the present to prepare for the unexpected.

What is a Failover?

Put simply a failover is a resilient measure – it’s a connectivity backup. A failover is, generally, a backup broadband connection or an additional Ethernet line which is in place in case a businesses main connectivity source fails for whatever reason.

Who should get a failover?

Any business can look at a failover connection as an option but it’s mainly a viable solution for larger businesses or for those companies who simply cannot afford a reduction of downtime and need a resilient auto failover.

How would this help my business?

We’ve helped supply many businesses with a leased line failover or connectivity backup option. For example, one of our customers was a large brewery and chose to have two leased lines installed. Each of those leased line was diversely routed providing a true layer of resiliency, with a secondary data route to a back-up exchange. In the event of a fault at your main exchange or cable failure – the Diverse Routing solution provided their staff and clients with continuity without any downtime. The brewery relied on IoT and had widgets on their beer pumps which automatically updated and informed the brewery how much was left and when the pump needed to re-order supplies and start production again. One of the leased lines did go down after a nearby building company cut through the cables by accident. However, the brewery never noticed a reduction in productivity or operations as its Ethernet backup kicked in and provided the reliable connectivity the business relied so heavily upon.

How does a leased line backup or a failover work?

We’ll install a leased line failover which would seamlessly switch your internet traffic over from your main line should anything happen with your main Ethernet service.

Should you choose to invest in a leased line failover, our team can also provide diversely routed (RA02) fibre to ensure your circuits are connected to different local exchanges, enter the building at different points, operate from separate datacentres, use different routers and separate switches within our network. This is to ensure that if your main connection fails, every aspect of your failover connection is different and, therefore, won’t experience the same problems.