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SD-WAN vs MPLS: What’s the difference?

Since software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) were introduced, the specialist team here at are regularly quizzed on whether SD-WAN is a better alternative to the more traditional MPLS network.

SD-WAN is a networking solution that can effectively connect multiple sites within your organisation, while also reducing your networking costs in the process.

MPLS price and MPLS cost can be high however, SD-WAN could be a more cost-effective alternative.

In this blog post, the team provide an expert guide on the advantages SD-WAN has over MPLS and vice versa, and supply details on how we can help you secure the perfect networking package for your business.

Is SD-WAN better than MPLS?

Are you tired of having to purchase from a separate provider at each of your organisations’ different sites? If so, then SD-WAN is the ideal networking solution for you. By using a single dashboard, SD-WAN allows you to take control of different locations within your organisation, even those that are situated on the other side of the globe!

In addition to this, if your company does not run real-time applications over your wide area network, there are several other key benefits that SD-WAN can provide over MPLS.

Faster internet for lower costs

When occupying an MPLS network, the monthly MPLS cost for high bandwidth are generally higher than you may have initially expected.

Whereas SD-WAN allows you to connect several high bandwidth internet connections at the same time, so your business will benefit off high internet speeds at a relatively lower price.

Increased overall network performance

If your network has numerous ISP connections, SD-WAN will always accordingly prioritise your traffic and send it via the circuit with the fastest possible route.

On the other hand, MPLS networks are incapable of achieving this as their Class of Service settings are non-adjustable, and there is only one possible network connection.

Quickly compare UK SD-WAN providers now!

If you want your company to benefit from the abundance of advantages that an SD-WAN network can deliver, then can help you.

No matter how small or large your business is, or whatever industry you are operating in, our team are assured to find you an SD-WAN solution that matches both your business’s budget and requirements.

By providing us with a few quick details, you will be able to select from quotes by all the UK’s leading SD-WAN vendors to secure a package that is ideal for your company. Find out more about how can help you slash your networking costs and learn more about introducing your business to SD-WAN now.

The advantages of MPLS

Although SD-WAN has many benefits over MPLS, there are some instances where MPLS is beneficial, which is why it is still highly sought by many businesses. Firstly, one of the most effective ways to use SD-WAN is by utilising an MPLS network as a primary connection for your company’s business-critical applications.

In addition to this, another significant advantage of an MPLS connection is that it can guarantee Quality of Service (QoS), a feature that SD-WAN cannot achieve. When compared to SD-WAN, MPLS networks are more capable of compensating for latency and lagging.

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