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Ethernet First Mile

EFM is a high speed, dedicated connection where full fibre Ethernet is not an option. Up to 35Mbps speeds.

Ethernet First Mile Explained

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is an ideal solution for home offices and small businesses. It provides an ideal alternative in areas where fibre Ethernet is either not currently available or would be too costly to install. An EFM circuit uses multiple copper wires to connect your business premises directly to the Ethernet core network. From there, your business will receive a dedicated, uncontended EFM internet connection with ultra- low latency and high service availability with fully symmetrical bandwidth.

A way to keep your costs down and your speeds up. An EFM internet connection offers UK businesses a cost-effective way to access high-capacity connectivity, at speeds of up to 35Mbps, without the need to commit financially to full fibre Ethernet connectivity.

The ‘first mile’ refers to the distance between your business premises and the exchange or cabinet. With an EFM circuit this distance is usually covered using multiple copper wires. The remainder of the connection from the exchange to core network will be full fibre Ethernet.

How can an EFM circuit help your business?

Ethernet First Mile is ideal for businesses wanting to take full advantage of real-time applications such as video conferencing and those who are looking to invest in a VoIP phone system. An EFM internet connection is a popular and affordable way for businesses to get easy, dedicated connectivity.

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  • High-availability, low-latency private circuits
  • Up to 35Mbps upload/download speed
  • Perfect for video conferencing and using a VoIP phone
  • Available using copper or fibre Ethernet
  • Robust SLAs
  • Highly secure
  • This product will soon be end of life
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"Aarron was extremely helpful explaining what the product was & whether I need it for my business. Turned out it was not yet necessary, which was extremely honest for me as a start up business. If and when it becomes necessary I will definitely contact them for my quote."
X-Genvr Ltd
Gareth Mee
"Everything is going great. It works fine, it took a while getting it but that's down to BT. The leased line works great for us."
Kearsley Airways Ltd
John Witham
"The experience with was very straightforward and I was kept in the loop at all times. Since the leased line was installed we’ve all noticed a massive improvement!"
Soben Contract & Commercial Ltd
Lorraine McCann
NEOS Networks
BT Leased Lines
TalkTalk Business
Virgin Media Business

The most cost-effective leased line deals we offer small businesses are our GEA/EoFTTC or Fibre Flex options. This solution is available for as little as £114 p/m, and is ideal for smaller to medium-sized companies that use the internet for browsing, VoIP telephony, and Skype calls. Compare deals for GEA internet.

Symmetrical bandwidth is simple, and something that comes as standard with all leased line packages. Essentially, symmetrical bandwidth means that your business will have identical upload and download speeds. This is massively beneficial for corporate businesses, as you can upload and download simultaneously without experiencing any breaks in connection.

Well that depends on several factors such as how many employees you have and the services and applications that those employees use your internet for. Email, cloud services, VoIP phone calls, VoIP system, uploading and downloading files, web browsing, video conferencing and more all affect bandwidth.

Light use – basic email and web browsing

Moderate use – file downloads, streaming music or video, cloud usage and VoIP

Strong use – all of the above as well as large file downloads and interactive conferencing

Heavy use – all of the above as well as heavy use of internet applications and multiple devices per user

Well simply because with a leased line you get more than you do with traditional broadband. A leased line is an enterprise-grade solution delivered over an Ethernet fibre line direct into your business, dedicated specifically for your use.

Broadband on the other hand is a shared consumer level service which is delivered using copper wires. With Ethernet you’ll get guaranteed speeds and enhanced reliability – things which are at a much lesser standard when using traditional broadband.

Yes of course we can! A leased line is a fibre line which is built and delivered to order. Traditional telephony and street cabinets aren’t usually used on a typical leased line install.

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