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What is a 100Mbps leased line bearer?

If your business’ functionality depends on a fast, stable, high latency connection, then equipping your company with a 100mbps internet connection is an ideal solution. However, you also have the choice between 100Mbps broadband vs. leased line. Leased lines provide a dedicated connection, meaning you don’t have to share your internet connection with nearby companies. It’s one of the best solutions available. But how else does a leased line produce its reliable, effective connectivity?

One key element that contributes to the efficiency of a leased line is the bearer. This blog post takes a closer look at the part leased line bearers play in delivering a quick and stable internet connection.

What is a leased line bearer?

One question frequently posed by those who are looking to invest in a 100Mbps leased line connection is ‘what’s the difference between leased line speed and a leased line bearer?’.

Your leased line speed is how quickly you transfer data with a standard business broadband package. Meanwhile, a leased line bearer is the bandwidth size of your available line. You can look at a leased line bearer as backup bandwidth. It waits in the background, ready to use if needed. With a suitably sized bearer, you’ll be able to upgrade easily should you ever require more bandwidth.

If you decide to enhance your business with a leased line connection, you will be able to select from a variety of options to tailor the service to the requirements of your company. That includes selecting a bearer size.

Why a 100Mb leased line bearer might be perfect for your business

There are several bearers of 100mbps broadband internet available, but the 100Mbps leased line bearer is certainly one of the most popular options. Many businesses are also advised to select a leased line bearer that offers faster speeds than they currently require. As your business grows, so will your bandwidth requirements. Down the line, a 100Mbps leased line bearer makes your leased line a more cost-effective option.

Speak to the team can quickly provide quotes from all of the UK’s leading internet providers, identifying the best possible 100Mbps leased line bearer deals. See our latest leased line deals here.