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What is Ethernet First Mile?

Choosing a leased line can be a difficult decision for any business which is why we’re breaking down each of the options available to you, starting with Ethernet First Mile.

What is Ethernet First Mile?

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is just one type of leased line connectivity which businesses choose to install for added reliability, faster speeds and extra security. EFM is connected using multiple copper wires to give deliver a fast connection which allows you to deploy technologies such as hosted VoIP and enable your business to use cloud applications and data storage solutions.

Which businesses is EFM good for?

EFM is ideal for businesses where full fibre is not yet available. While EFM is more expensive than FTTC business broadband, Ethernet First Mile offers almost all of the benefits you get with a full fibre connection but, because the product utilises copper wires, the price-point is much cheaper. EFM would be a good solution for businesses wanting more reliability, greater speeds and added security but that don’t want to, or aren’t yet ready to, fork out the costs for a full fibre leased line.

What makes it different from other leased line solutions?

Well firstly, EFM uses multiple copper wires which makes it unique when compared to other dedicated internet connection solutions which tend to use fibre cables or a mix of fibre and copper wires. The use of multiple wires rather than single wires increases the speed of your connection. For example, a two paired cable connection will allow speeds of up to 10 Mbps, whereas a four paired cable connection will double the speed allowance. Using EFM speeds of up to 30 Mbps are available and, crucially, the speeds are the same for both upload and download.

What’s the difference between broadband and a leased line solution such as EFM?

There’s a wealth of differences between business broadband and leased line connectivity. Despite the fact that, ultimately, you’ll be able to access the internet on both, the differences between them are quite stark. With a business broadband connection you’ll be sharing your connection with other users which can affect the speeds you receive as well as the security of your network. Not only that but your traffic could be impacted at peak times, slowing your business down and halting productivity. However, with a leased line connection you’ll be get a dedicated internet connection, meaning you’ll be the only ones using the network as it’ll be private to you which means that you won’t be impacted by other people’s traffic but your network will be secure and protected and your speeds will be much faster than a business broadband solution, increasing productivity and boosting your business connectivity.

What are the advantages of EFM?

As we’ve already mentioned, with all leased line products you’ll benefit from greater reliability, faster speeds and increased security. Another advantage of choosing EFM will be the robust service level agreements (SLAs) you’ll get from choosing a leased line. SLAs simply ensure that, should you experience any issues with your EFM, your provider will get you back up and running as soon as possible.