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What is dark fibre, and can it help my business?

As you are probably aware, technology that is used in day to day life is evolving at an astronomical rate. The chances are that as a business, you will regularly be informed of a new form of technology that can enhance your company’s operations, and one technical term that has certainly gained a lot of attraction over recent times is ‘dark fibre’.

You may have heard of dark fibre, or you may have not, but it is an area that the experts here at Leasedline.co.uk are regularly quizzed on.

So, in our latest blog post, we dive into the world of dark fibre to see if it is something that your business can benefit from.

What is dark fibre?

When data is transferred through optical fibre networks, for example leased lines, the transportation process produces light within the cables. However, when your fibre infrastructure is not in use, you guessed it, there will be no light present.

So, the term dark fibre refers to optical fibre networks that are not in use.

When businesses have their new leased line infrastructure installed, often a decision is made to order more infrastructure and cabling that is required at that moment in time. In most instances, this is done to protect the business for when there is an increase in the amount of data that is currently being used.

This, alongside the way the data is now packaged, means that many fibre optic networks out there have extra capacity which is not in use, and businesses have incorporated dark fibre networks to take advantage of this.

These previously unoccupied cables are now being used as a service that is privately operated by businesses and can be used to create high performing private connections.

How can my business benefit from dark fibre?

On top of having full control over your own private connection, there are an array of additional benefits that dark fibre pose.

Here is a list of reasons as to why your company should perhaps consider dark fibre.

Manage costs efficiently

As you’ll be in complete control of your dark fibre network, you will also be able to manage costs more effectively. If a situation arises which results in your business requiring more data, you can experiment with different solutions as opposed to sticking to the terms and conditions of your internet provider.

Improved reliability and performance

As dark fibre is a point-to-point connection, it will provide high levels of reliability and performance. Like leased line connectivity, you avoid the downfalls that are associated with third-party connectivity such as regular outages and reduced speeds. This is a huge benefit, as internet connectivity plays a key role in most modern business environments.

High levels of security

As dark fibre is a dedicated network, it will never enter the public internet. Subsequently, you will be the only user on the network and will be able to set a wide range of specific security settings that suit your requirements.

Ideal for larger businesses

Thanks to its many advantages regarding speed, performance and control, dark fibre is a great option for larger businesses. Also, dark fibre is available in most major cities, allowing you to link multiple sites within the same city.

Learn more about dark fibre connectivity today

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What is dark fibre, and can it help my business?
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