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Does my Business Need a Leased Line?

Businesses today are increasingly reliant on the internet. It has become an essential tool of commerce.

The reason this has happened is two-fold. Firstly, there is now a whole range of cloud-based services which mean that pretty much any software or storage need is now catered for via an on-demand, online service. Second is the widespread availability of fast, affordable connections, with the bulk of the country now served by fibre.

What about Broadband?

The expansion of the fibre network means that broadband connections are now much faster than they were a decade or so ago. So where you would have had to wait for ages to upload or download large files, it can now be done in a matter of seconds.

This availability of faster connections has also seen a surge in interest in using applications online via an as-a-service model rather than installing them on a local server or PC. This cuts licensing costs and aids agility. It’s also meant that technologies such as VoIP communication and video conferencing are far more viable as everyday business tools.

Does my Business Need a Leased Line - BroadbandAll of this is, in the main, due to the availability of broadband. But at the same time, increased reliance on internet-based services also pushes the boundaries of mainstream broadband. While these are things you hardly notice at home, in a business context they can be frustrating and even costly. Find out more about the differences between broadband and leased line.

Asynchronous service

Broadband is an asynchronous service. That means you have more bandwidth available for incoming data than for outgoing. This isn’t a problem when you’re streaming from Spotify or downloading a book to your Kindle, but in a business situation where you need to move large amounts of information in both directions, it can lead to bottlenecks.


Broadband is contended, meaning the link from your local street cabinet to the exchange is shared with neighbouring homes and businesses. The effect of this is that when lots of people are online at the same time, each has less bandwidth available and therefore the connection seems slower. You’ve probably noticed this at home in the evenings.

Broadband is a largely domestic-focused product, so even if your service is described as being ‘unlimited’ there will usually be restrictions concerning ‘fair use’ that limit the amount you can download. Or you may find that while you can download all you want at night, there are limits during the day.

So, while broadband offers many benefits it isn’t a perfect solution in some business contexts. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of a business leased line.

The leased line advantage

A leased line gives your company a direct Ethernet connection to your ISP’s data centre, which brings a number of advantages.

Ethernet, as you probably know, is the most popular local area networking standard. It’s in common use throughout the world. A leased line uses this same technology to deliver a fast connection to the internet over longer distances. Although it’s delivered in much the same way as broadband via fibre optics, usually to a street cabinet, it offers several key advantages.

Does my Business Need a Leased Line - EthernetSynchronous connection

The first is that it’s fully synchronous. This means you get the same bandwidth in both directions so data can flow more smoothly to and from cloud applications and for applications such as VoIP calling. Secondly, it’s uncontended, the line is reserved for your use so it won’t suffer slow-downs at peak times and also there are no restrictions on how much data you can transfer. It’s also more secure because there’s less chance of your data being intercepted. This means you are free to impose your own traffic management rules so that the applications which are most important to your business get more bandwidth than secondary ones. Read more about the affects bandwidth can have on a business.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

A business leased line also comes with a support infrastructure that is geared to commercial use. This means that it will be monitored by the service provider to ensure that it runs smoothly and any latent problems are spotted early. All of this is backed by a service level agreement (SLA) that gives you guaranteed levels of service and ensures that any issues are resolved quickly. A leased line is more expensive than broadband and there is usually a longer lead time to get one installed. However, you have to weigh this against the business benefits.

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Does my business need a leased line?

The more you rely on the internet, the more devastating the effect would be if you were to lose your connection, even if only for a few hours. If your business can’t operate then you stand to lose customers and money.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of whether your business would benefit from a leased line. Installing a business leased line ensures you get greater reliability and stability. This can make your business more productive as well as reducing the chance of downtime. If you are reliant on SaaS applications; switching your voice calling to VoIP; or you have mobile employees that need to use VPNs or video conferencing, then switching to a leased line instead of relying on broadband can deliver very real advantages to your enterprise. If you want to ensure you stay ahead of your competition, it’s a switch you really should be considering making. Go online to start comparing the best leased line deals.

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Does my Business Need a Leased Line?
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