What is an Ethernet connection

What is an Ethernet Connection?

Find out what Ethernet is and the advantages a dedicated connection could offer your business.

Each year, internet connectivity becomes more important to businesses across all verticals. From email and cloud storage to hosted applications, internet connections are at least as important for business success as telephone communication.

It comes as a bit of a shock, therefore, that so many businesses rely on off-the-shelf broadband packages to supply their internet connectivity, rather than a solution more tailored to their business needs with a much higher standard of service.

The most likely reason why so many businesses still use basic broadband is knowledge: outside of IT, few people could give an answer to questions such as ‘why use Ethernet’ or even ‘what is an Ethernet connection?’

We’ve put together a quick rundown of exactly what an Ethernet connection is, the different types, and some of the advantages an Ethernet connection can bring to your business.

What is an Ethernet connection?

Fundamentally, an Ethernet connection is similar to broadband in that they both provide internet connectivity – but the similarities really end there.

Broadband connections use entirely shared infrastructure. Ethernet connections, also known as leased lines, offer private connections that can be managed, monitored, and tailored to your business needs much more closely.

Types of Ethernet Connection

There are three basic types of Ethernet connection on the market today: Generic Ethernet Access, or GEA, Ethernet First Mile, or EFM, and Fibre Ethernet. Each offers some unique advantages.

GEA is the most basic type of leased line. Your provider will run a fibre, or very occasionally copper connection from the street cabinet into your business to provide a fast, cost-effective, and private connection suitable for small and medium-sized businesses who want reliable connectivity. To find out more about GEA, click here.

EFM is fundamentally similar to GEA, but is used in areas where the existing internet infrastructure could not support the standard of service. EFM connections are therefore run from the nearest high-quWhat is an Ethernet Connection pros consality internet node, hence ‘first mile’ to provide a similar standard of service to GEA, but at a heftier setup charge to cover the extra infrastructure provided. Discover more about EFM.

Fibre Ethernet is the flagship Ethernet connection, with the provider creating an end to end fibre optic link between their core network and your business, offering unrivalled speed and reliability for rapidly growing or larger businesses who need constant connectivity to use or even provide hosted services.

Advantages of Ethernet Connections

Now that we have a basic answer to ‘What is an Ethernet connection?’ we can look at some of the benefits an Ethernet connection brings.

The first benefit is speed. GEA and EFM are typically faster than business broadband, offering up to 35Mbit speeds. Fibre Ethernet, on the other hand, can offer up to 10Gbps – many times that of even the best off-the-shelf connections available. Unlike broadband, which uses a shared infrastructure, all Ethernet connections are entirely uncontended and symmetrical, meaning the bandwidth you pay for is what you receive at all times.

What is an Ethernet connection EFMMost importantly is the reliability difference. Ethernet connections are backed by Service Level Agreements or SLAs. These detail target fix time, and even guaranteed uptime of these services. Unlike broadband connections, Ethernet providers will often guarantee over 99.95% uptime, and aim to fix any issues that do occur within a few hours.

For businesses on an extreme budget, broadband may be the only way to go, but for the rest, there is little reason not to use Ethernet – simply consider how much a few hours of downtime will cost your business, and compare that to the cost of Ethernet. Start comparing deals on dedicated internet access for businesses.

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What is an Ethernet Connection?
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