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Leased Line Connections for the Retail Sector

As the UK’s largest private sector employer, the retail industry generates hundreds of billions of pounds each year for the economy.

In such a competitive industry, where bricks and mortar stores compete with online retailers, consumers now expect to be able to get their items instantly, so slow service can ultimately cost business. In ecommerce terms, a leased line can provide the consistent speeds needed to keep a website up and running – especially during peak holiday periods such as Black Friday.

Within most industries the reliance on a steady internet connection is monumental, and the retail sector is no different. As you will be fully aware, a lost connection in retail for even a short time can pose some devastating effects to your retail business.

However, with a dedicated connection via a leased line, today’s retailers can rely on consistent speeds that aren’t affected during by heavy web traffic. This means as a retailer with a secure leased line, you can remain able to process orders and payments.

What are the different types of leased lines?

There are four key ways which leased lines are delivered; Leased Lines/Fibre Ethernet, Point-to-Point Leased Lines, EFM (Ethernet first mile), and GEA/EoFTTC (Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet).

Click any of the links below to find out more about each type of leased line so you can gain a better understanding and decide which one may the best choice for your business.

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