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What is the difference between a hybrid WAN and an SD-WAN?

A wide area network, or WAN for short, is a network that connects multiple computers that are often located a considerable distance apart.

If you are looking to expand or upgrade your companies WAN, then there a variety of options available to you. Our team have already previously compared two of these options when we weighed up the pros and cons of SD-WAN and MPLS, but should your business perhaps consider hybrid WANs as well?

Well in our latest blog post, the team compare the differences between hybrid WANs and an SD-WAN and reveal which option is more beneficial for your organisation.

Hybrid WAN vs SD-WAN; which comes out on top?

More traditional WAN’s such as MPLS are slowly being overlooked by businesses, as modern networking solutions such as SD-WAN offer a whole host of benefits such as faster internet, lower costs and increased overall network performance.

However, one networking solution that we are also regularly quizzed on is hybrid WANs, so it is time to compare this service to SD-WAN and discover which option is more suited to your business.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a mechanism that like all WAN’s, allows you to connect networks over different sites. SD-WAN has been introduced to become the next generation of networking following MPLS and allows multi-site companies to control their entire infrastructure from one central dashboard, which orchestrates to each individual network type by acting as a single network.

SD-WAN is an excellent solution for businesses who are always expanding or already possess numerous existing sites, as it means you do not have to spend time and money on further network providers for each of your buildings or offices.

For a more comprehensive guide on SD-WAN as a service, check out our previous blog post on SD-WAN.

What is a hybrid WAN?

Like SD-WAN, hybrid WANs have been designed to make pre-existing WAN’s more agile and flexible. However, there are some key differences between the two that you must consider.

With hybrid WANs, the clue’s in the name. This solution hybridises different connections to transport data from different sites to a main central location; such as a company HQ. Hybrid WAN’s are viewed as a suitable option for organisations who are looking to improve their levels of resilience, or companies that want to avoid setting aside further investment for additional MPLS connections.

Hybrid WAN vs SD-WAN; our verdict

Although both solutions have their advantages and it is important to make a decision that is tailored to your business’s requirements, at we recommend SD-WAN; especially if you are seeking high availability and an application-driven wide area network.

When compared to hybrid WAN’s, SD-WAN’s have a substantially higher level of operational intelligence. Thanks to being able to manage data from the control dashboard, data traffic can be manipulated to ensure that specific traffic flows over the desired connection at the best possible time.

Moreover, SD-WAN is also able to re-direct data traffic down a different connection path if the primary route is encountering issues, another trait that is not available with a hybrid WAN.

Quickly compare SD-WAN vendors with!

At, we can equip your business with an SD-WAN to provide you with complete control across your entire network. Take away the time and financially consuming process of having to purchase from providers at each of your sites by controlling every location from a single dashboard. are proud to have connections with the UK’s most popular SD-WAN providers, so there is no one better placed than us to find you a solution that reflects both the requirements and budget of your business.

For more information on how we can help you reduce your network costs, go online and start comparing SD-WAN deals from leading providers.

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